Universal Human and Civil Rights Union

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The Universal Human and Civil Rights Union {UHCRU} aims to be an international organization designed to cooperate with international laws. We also aim to create and to help create new international laws, international regulations, treaties and new measures to existing international laws, international regulations and treaties. We aim to promote, to help promote and to establish universal security, to {help} control and regulate economic development, to sponsor and to promote social programs, human rights, civil rights and to establish world peace. We aim to create and to help create a world council which will be a powerful international government that will work in the best interest of humanity. The world council will be established for the purpose of making our world become stronger as a whole, and in order for humanity to become one. We aim to take effective measures for the prevention and the removal of all threats against the peace, for the suppression against aggressive acts and any other breaches of and to the peace. We aim to prosecute and to help prosecute any individuals who have broken measures to any international laws or any international regulations. We aim to fight for individuals being treated the same under the law and in general. We aim to fight for individual’s constitutional rights, and for all human and civil rights that are not protected in a country’s constitution. We support and we will fight for religious freedom, freedom from religion and the separation of the church and the state universally.

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