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Lori and Joseph Turner lost their beautiful three-year-old Bella (pictured on this petition) 12 days after Bella received six unnecessary annual vaccines. Five blood transfusions, three immunoglobulin transfusions and care from some of the best veterinarians in the country couldn’t save Bella. She died from Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA/AIHA), attributed to vaccination. Lori says: “We spent $12,000 trying to save Bella. If we had spent $70.00 for a titer test instead, I’d have my baby Bella right here in my lap right now.”

Judy Schor and her husband, Dr. Martin J. Schor MD FACS, retired their Agility Champion Peaches after she developed a painful and very dangerous skin disease: Rabies Vaccine Associated Ischemic Dermatopathy. They spent $12,000 just to arrive at an “official diagnosis” from Daniel O. Morris, DVM, DACVD, at University of Pennsylvania's Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary School. Now Peaches has cancer.

Jena Gonzales’ beloved Kitty Kat developed Feline Injection-Site Sarcoma (FISS) from injections of rabies and leukemia vaccines, as confirmed by two biopsies. Kitty Kat’s entire leg was amputated in an attempt to save her, but she still died after much pain and $6800 in vet bills. FISS is so common that vets are advised to vaccinate cats low on their limbs so that the limbs can be amputated if cancer develops. Really.

Veterinarian Margo Roman vaccinated her own Standard Poodle Wailea with the legally-required rabies vaccine. One month later, Wailea had developed autoimmune liver disease and muscle wasting in her head. Biopsies and extensive lab work costing over $6,000 showed a vaccine reaction. Wailea passed away 15 months later after thousands of dollars of additional care. Wailea’s death helped inspire Dr. Roman’s charitable DrDoMore and DrShowMore Projects.

Author Jan Rasmusen’s precious year-old Jiggy developed autoimmune liver disease shortly after rabies vaccination and redundant “puppy shots.” Now age 12, Jiggy is fighting both liver and bladder cancers. Veterinarians link his autoimmune disease to vaccination – a known reaction according to AAHA Guidelines. For 11 years, Jiggy has received quarterly blood draws and vet checks plus six ultrasounds, countless consultations, a CT scan, 2 biopsies, a $7000 cancer surgery and every treatment imaginable.

Aimee Davis lost her sweet Smokey after annual vaccination with parvovirus, leptospirosis and bordetella vaccines, plus a rabies vaccine given long before it was due. Like Bella, Smokey developed IMHA but also immune thrombocytopenia. As Smokey’s vet explained, the 95 pound German Shepherd had “the platelet and blood cell count of a sick Chihuahua.”

Many of the vaccines given these beloved pets could have been avoided by a simple blood test or increased information before vaccination. Their stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Read more about vaccine reactions, and find evidence-based vaccination information from experts, at Join us, and join countless concerned veterinarians all over the country, in our quest to improve client and veterinary education to end this tragic hidden epidemic.

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