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We are a program of survivors of sex work and trafficking dedicated to providing direct services to victims here in the USA. We are not connected with any government, political, law enforcement or religious organizations.

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Petitioning Walmart

No products made with child labor

Nestle has had a case filed against it for allowing the use of child slavery in the making of its products. Many of the African farms that supply Nestle with its cacao use child slaves as laborers.  Some of America’s favorite candy bars like Kit Kats, Nestle Crunch and Butterfinger could quite possibly be produced using forced child labor. Three plaintiffs --  former child slaves from Mali -- originally filed suit against the food giant in 2005. They claim they were forced to carry 100-pound bags of cocoa,  were exposed to dangerous working conditions and forced to work between 12 and 14 hours a day upwards of six days a week with no pay and little food. We abhor the idea that we could be eating “slave chocolate.” We want to make sure Nestle knows we don’t approve, and that's why we are asking Walmart, one of Nestle’s largest buyers, to refuse to purchase any more Nestle brand chocolate products until it has proven that it has completely ended the use of forced labor on the Ivory Coast farms that supply its cacao. The Fair Labor Association found evidence of forced child labor as recently as 2013, noting that at least 7% of farms visited found child workers with evidence of some child forced labor. This goes against Nestle’s own code of conduct, and it is time for us to hold it accountable. Nestle is one of the world's largest companies, having earned more than $15 billion just last year. We do not believe it doesn’t have the resources to ensure that its providers don’t abuse their employees or use child labor. All workers, especially the most vulnerable workers in the third world, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Let’s make sure Nestle feels this where it hurts most, by hitting it in the pocket book.  Join us in asking Walmart to make an ethical and smart decision, and refuse to sell any more Nestle brand chocolates until its suppliers are slave-free.

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Petitioning President of the United States


I follow these stories year after year where I'm reading about police officers who are beating, raping, murdering and even outright pimping and trafficking people.  Then what happens?  Nothing at best.  They retire with their pensions.  So what do they care?  Early retirement for them.  This has got to stop. Rodney KIng was only the tip of the iceberg about how nothing is done.  Nothing substantial.  I even read about horrible things they're doing while getting their pension - and what happens?  Nothing.  They keep it.  No one cares about Internal Affairs any longer. The only thing they care about is their pension.  I want to see a law passed forfeiting their pension when they act like this.   Let's start taking it away when they act like monsters!        

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Petitioning Nevada Governor, Nevada State House, Nevada State Senate

SHUT DOWN THE LEGAL BROTHELS OF NEVADA Lamar Odom was clearly on drugs and depressed when he arrived at the brothel. He had to be driven.  There was every drug possible in his system the doctors are saying.  On top of knowing he was on drugs - the brothel gave him "herbal supplements" they sell over the counter.  Then he was LEFT ALONE for hours unattended.   Now this case is getting press because it was Lamar Odom who was overdosed and found in that unattended bedroom.  I ask you - what about the girls up there who have no family, no money, no celebrity status - some don't have anyone who knows they're even there except their pimps if that.  There is no one monitoring what goes on up there.  I've got women telling me the security alarms go nowhere  You can see by this case these brothels are so remote they're not able to get the best medical attention up there either.  We are relying totally upon the discretion of a few people up there and their integrity.  This is not about people's private sex lives.  You can eat whatever you want. But the minute you start selling food - you become subject to different laws in this country.  I am not for outlawing prostitution - it needs to be decriminalized so the victims of trafficking can stop being treated like criminals.  However, these brothels are legalized trafficking.  I reached out to the Kardashian family about what is going on in Nevada last year.  Their thought was "this doesn't affect me".  Well it does.  What happens to one of us happens to all of us - and this point has now been driven home.  If they cared this little for him - do you have an idea now why I don't feel those women are safe up there?  Especially not when they can control so much - the press, the police, etc.  Sign the petition to outlaw these brothels entirely.  I've been fighting them back out of California and Las Vegas since the 1980's.  Now's the time to get rid of them entirely!  

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Petitioning All legislators, celebrities, nonprofits, anti-trafficking groups and abolitionists:


In 1987, I founded the modern day sex trafficking movement.  You can verify this with news clippings at showing we stepped up on that date.  No one else was anywhere in the USA speaking out that sex trafficking was real AND this country had to change the way it viewed, and responded, to those who were not only being trafficked - but those wishing to exit any part of the sex industry  For THIRTEEN YEARS - no one stood up next to me to get this movement federal recognition with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 UNTIL we got that "recognition", meaning MONEY.  Then WHAM! The movement was hijacked right out from under us.  Imagine non-African American's leading the civil rights movement - and you ca see how we feel about this.  Even Michael Horowitz, the author of the act, has agreed it's been hijacked   When most sex trafficking victims are "turned out" - the pimps give them names like "bitch" or "whore" or even "property".  One member told me her name was “chair” They're told they're not "worthy of a human name".  When other people call them by their birth name - the pimps will remind them "oh no - she's chair now" or whatever the chosen name is.   They are further told to give "stage" or "street" names to their customers - if asked.  Star, Desiree, Tiffany, all are their street, stage or porn names.  It's often not until coming into recovery they are even being called by their birth names. I've had members tell me “wow it's been years since someone called me by my name”. One of the things we do in Sex Workers Anonymous is to teach them to speak up for themselves, how to express their feelings, and it's safe now to tell people what they really think and feel.  Why?  Because the pimps either silence them, ignore them - or worse beat them violently if they speak "out of turn"  The "johns" could care less what they think or how they feel.  They might pretend to care - and the girls have learned speaking up can mean either a back hand, less money, or even get them thrown out into the streets at 2:00 a.m. One woman we know pretended to be a deaf mute during her captivity just to survive. I don't make any major decisions in our program without taking a 'group conscience'.  This teaches the members their voices are important.  In hearing from everyone and carrying out their wishes - they learn they have value as well as how to speak up for themselves  I'm not going to deny them that voice   So I hope you understand I'm trying to carry their voices out to the public because they can't through this letter. There has been a “No Such Thing” campaign kicked off asking the general public to call all of us across the board as a specific name. Our members/survivors were not asked to be included on what word to use, nor anything about the execution of this campaign that asks for us to be identified by a word they've chosen. I'm hoping you can therefore understand by shutting them out of the process of deciding what they want to be called for the rest of their lives – they feel shut out, ostracized and unimportant all over again by this exclusion. Another problem - is like it or not – this country's legal system can't even agree among the state's what a “child” is let alone what a “victim” is. What do I mean by that? Most people in this country think that anyone under the age of 18 years old is a “child”. However, in Nevada the legal age for giving consent for sex is 15 years old. Many people also don't realize the licensing board for the legal brothels in Nevada state that “anyone over the age of 16 years old” an apply to work as a legal prostitute. Meaning a 16 year old in California would be called a “victim” - while that same exact 16 year old in a Nevada brothel would be considered a “legal prostitute”. If they worked next door in the strip club they would in fact be a “sex worker” That's not an opinion – but a fact. Now if people find that offensive – then they need to be changing the laws – not the words. So we would like to see some of the press directed onto the fact that many people are assuming that EVERY state has the legal age of 18 years old - but they don't.  There's also strip clubs in NJ that hire 16 year olds so this is't an attack upon Nevada.  The girls in these legal establishments CAN'T call 911 or go into a sex trafficking program and CAN'T receive “victim” services until the law, not the word, changes. I also can state for a fact "sex trafficking shelters" are actually letting pimps work those same victims in strip clubs and massage parlors because it's "legal".  So we have a lot of words in the English language that need to be examined in this issue. Now WE are grown enough in our recovery to DEMAND decisions affecting OUR lives INCLUDE us. As founder of this movement – I PERSONALLY DEMAND discussions involving the movement I founded include me as well. Now if you want to call me “crazy” or “stupid” or “hostile” because of this demand – then I'm going to consider you a “pimp”. How's that for a “campaign about words”? Jody 468-4529

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