This is an organisation in Mass. It's run, BY The PEOPLE for PEOPLE

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My name isn't important,Although you all know it. I said from the beginning of all of this mess, DCF has made. I will never hide my face nor name in shame. If you notice they are the ones jailing woman for putting their names to the public. When i went to court, i wish so badly i was armed with the strength i now have. I sat in that court room with out an attn. , and the reason was i found a lawyer to take it, but I was busy with my other daughter. She was delivering her second child. I told them that, they all knew her,these phonies. Her being the other's aunties, and her five year old son, on disabilty was there cosins to us,but to him,and her, they were brother and sister. I kept thinking right out of the gate on this one, why are we in court answering question's, are we charged with a crime. If people remember i wrote the petition to Let The Police Or Law Inforcement Take These Over. It didn't do well ,because i think people thought the way i was talking, i wanted people to be charged or more would. That would be quite the opposite. The police may arrest a chosen few,nothing compared to the number's now. The D.A. is another story. They like to prosecute winner's,especially since alot of them,go into polotics. The first thing i would like to add, as part of this org. is let us as the state, of Mass. set the first number of how many people we can get to sign this petition, and get people off their butts, and to Washington D.C, in Feb,4.5.6th 2013. Is anyone handleing letter's in Mass. Would anyone like to start a Mass. group, We can name ourseves at the first or whatever one. I will be willing to hold the first of many. So thats it, for now. Please sign this petition,I don't care were you live. i am signing everyone elses. Power is knowledge. Strentgh is in Number's

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