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    World's Fattest Asiatic Bear Needs Urgent Help!

    Meet Dillon, a male Asiatic Black Bear who is currently stuck living in a small concrete and steel cage in the state of Pennsylvania. Dillon’s small, damp cage is part of a private sportsmen’s club located in Hartley Township, PA. He, along with a Bobcat and Raccoon that also live in small steel cages are the main attraction for club members who also have the option to blast guns at the club’s shooting range located less than 200’ away. The video above shows Dillon sitting in his cage stereotypically rocking back and forth, as he listens to repetitive loud gunshots. Dillon is morbidly obese weighing nearly twice the weight of a normal Asiatic Black Bear, and has a mouth full of rotting teeth. He also has an open sore on his side that he constantly scratches. Dillon could easily die from any or all of complications he is currently suffering from, so this is an urgent situation. That is why The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s Director and staff Veterinarian traveled to Pennsylvania to offer help - but were turned away by the Club’s management - leaving Dillon no choice but to continue suffering. The Sportsman’s Club refuses to let Dillon go to a sanctuary or other facility that can properly care for him, so you are his only hope. Please call them… AND email them… AND write a letter to the address provided below so the Club’s management will know that you seriously care about Dillon. Tell them you want to see him moved to a new home immediately where he can receive proper medical attention and live in a more natural life. Club Phone: 570-922-1128 Club Emails: and Club Address: Union County Sportsmen’s Club50 Sportsmen's Club LaneMillmont, PA 17845

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