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World Animal Rescue.©                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Our objective is to end cruelty to animals with the assistance of every member of society. Inspired by our government’s successful war on terror, we plan to engage every person local and worldwide to help the cause by sharing knowledge of animal abuse and/or animal welfare endangerment. Members of the public will be able to publicize on our forum information about sick or injured pets and or wild animals, about animal victims of abuse or neglect, about pets who can no longer be cared for by their owners, and about stray and or homeless pets. ©                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It is Our mission, duty and purpose of World Animal Rescue Inc. to address, educate, coordinate and provide aid and relief to eradicate the abuse and exploitation for monetary gain of both domestic and wild animals on a local and a global level. ©                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It is our duty to facilitate and coordinate actions leading to the rescue of domestic and wild animals in immediate danger or whose welfare is threatened. ©                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The World.Animal.Rescue. Team. Our Philosophy. "W.A.R. is inevitable... So Always Remember, The Hero inside of you is Always Bigger, than the Giant standing in Front of you. " Let us all Summon our Courage and Win this !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Start by Joining Us ,Subscribe, and Share.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sincerest Regards.

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Petitioning U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Ban Animal Traps

Hunting traps are devices of torture. The traps maimed and crush bones, most animals caught in it either bleed out or attempt to escape by chewing their own limb off. The problem is the traps are indiscriminate, which leads to cases of pet cats triggering the trap. Recently a kitten was found caught in one of these inhumane traps. The poor kitten was injured so badly that he had to be euthanized. He was found underweight, and in so much pain that he unable to eat or drink water. The little kitten was stuck in the trap for days, unable to move and constantly calling for help. By the time authorities finally responded it was too late. Sadly cases like this are far too common, as long as steel-jaw traps are legal more and more innocent animal will suffer. Even China, a country that eats about every animal has banned the use of such traps. Yet the traps are still perfectly legal in the United States. Please sign and share, together we can end the use of these torture devices that harm hundreds of animals every year. Animals like that poor kitten who life was cut short by human cruelty.

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Petitioning United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), David W. Pershing

Shut Down University of Utah

The University of Utah is no better than a torture chamber. It is a lab that has run experiments on vulnerable shelter kittens and puppies. It is a lab that has racked up over a dozen federal animal welfare regulations. It is the lab that ran the following experiments: - Chemical injection into the brain of 7-week old kittens - Drilling a hole into the skull of a cat and    attaching electrodes to it- Burning a macaque monkey to death- Killing multiple rabbits and mice by running   unapproved experiments - Heart experiments that involve the removal of a beagle's heart The University of Utah after numerous and repeated violations has received an official letter of warning from the government, yet the facility is still running and still experimenting on helpless animals who deserve better. To make matters worst, non of the experiments yielded any tangible result.  With your help, we can invoke the facilities experimentation licenses and finally shut this torture chamber down. Please sign and share, the University of Utah's animal experiments must end.

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Petitioning Martin Andjaba

Save The Seals Of Namibia

Seal Hunting is a crime against nature, which is why it is banned in almost every country. Every country except Greenland, Canada, and Namibia. As a matter of face, Namibia is the only country in the Southern Hemisphere hunting seals. Rough estimates put Namibia as the second largest hunt after Canada. Namibia has killed more than 400,00 seals. Averaging about 8000 a year. Just like in Canada, the baby seals are clubbed to death. While the bigger males are riddled with bullets. Unlike the Canadian harp seal, the Cape fur seals in Namibia are agile on land, resulting in multiple blows in order to kill them. It's not uncommon to see baby seals throwing up milk while trying to escape or mother seals suffering miscarriages due to the trauma. The little seal pups are turned into fur, while the genitals of the males are ground down into traditional Chinese medicine. The blabber that is left over is used to make omega 3 pills. So far Namibia has exported 33,000 gallons of seal blabber, 5000 pounds of genitals, and 400,000 pelts. It is beyond cruel to club a seal pup to death, yet Namibia remains the only country in the Southern Hemisphere to continue this practice. Please sign and share, together we can outlaw seal hunting in the entire southern hemisphere.

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Petitioning Government Of Brazil

Stop The Killing Of Monkeys

It is human nature to blame others for our own problems. Such is the case with the yellow fever outbreak in Brazil. Howler monkeys are being killed by villagers who blame them for the spread of the disease. So far over 238 monkeys have been found dead, 69% of them showed signs of dying from unnatural causes. A majority showed signs of being beaten to death. The villagers have a misconception that the monkeys are spreading the disease. That cannot be further from the truth. The howler monkeys are just as valuable to yellow fever as human. In fact, they serve as early indicators of a yellow fever outbreak. The true culprits are a mosquito, but that hasn't stopped the local villagers from attacking the monkeys in a misguided attempt to stop the outbreak. The monkeys are a protected species and anyone who attacks them must be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Unfortunately, the local government isn't keen on prosecuting the monkey murderers. With your help that can change, please sign and share, together we will urge the government to punish those who murder the innocent monkeys.

World Animal Rescue.©
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Petitioning Cayman Islands

Ban Turtle Farms

The Cayman Turtle Center is a horrendous place. It's a place that breeds and farms endangered sea turtle for meat. The turtles are kept in abysmal conditions until their slaughter. At the center, the turtles who are solitary in the wild, are kept in concrete tanks. Hundred are crammed together in a single tank. The turtles out of stress and hunger resort to cannibalizing each other. On top of that workers have been observed dumping chlorine onto the turtles. Also, the center has a terrible track record. In 2012, 300 turtles died during a heat wave, two years later another 300 after a bacteria outbreak. The turtles go through all of this abuse before being killed for their meat. Studies have shown that turtle meat contains traces of Salmonella and E. coli. As well as metallic elements such as lead and mercury. Certain species even act as a carrier for cholera and Vibrio infections. Despite the serious health risk people still farm and consume the endangered turtles. The government of the Cayman Islands refuses to shut this horrendous place down. Instead, they have subsidized the operation, spending millions in taxpayer money to keep the facility open. But with your help, we can pressure the government to reconsider. Please sign and share, the turtles need your help. Thank You.

World Animal Rescue.©
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Petitioning Chinese Government

Shut Down Bile Farms in China

Bear bile has been harvested for thousands of years in Asia and is believed to be useful in treating fever, liver illnesses and sore eyes. It is common in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as ordinary household products and cosmetics like shampoo and toothpaste. Farmed bears are kept permanently in cages, sometimes so small that they are unable to turn around or stand on all fours. Some bears are caged as cubs and never released, with many kept caged for up to 30 years.They are starved and dehydrated, and suffer from multiple diseases and malignant tumors that ultimately kill them.Those bears are seen as mere production units, whose use is nothing more than bile production. Old or very sick bears – those who fail to produce bile – are simply left to starve to death in their cages. Bear's bile is extracted using various invasive techniques, all of which cause severe suffering, pain and infection.The method claimed to be the most 'humane' by bile farmers, is 'free-drip' method, where bears undergo surgery to create a permanent open passage from their gallbladder through their abdomen. The surgery is crude, unhygienic and rarely performed by a veterinarian. This results in many of the bears dying from infections or other complications, and agony for those who do survive. As the body naturally tries to heal itself, each bile tapping session then involves forcing a metal tube through the wound and scar tissue to reach the bile stored in the bear's gallbladders. Other methods include the permanent surgical implantation of a metal or latex catheter which drains the bile straight from the bear's abdomens. Some bears are even fitted with 'metal jackets'. Reminiscent of a medieval style torture device, it is designed to keep bile-draining catheters in place. Heavy and typically rusting, they restrain bears movement using sharp spikes and strips of metal. With the advent of synthetic bile and greater awareness of the inhumane method of harvesting has driven the price down on farm bile, so we need to keep the pressure up relentlessly. In 2017, China pledged today to rescue 500 bears held in cages for their bile as a first step in wiping out the age-old practice. Please sign and share.  

World Animal Rescue.©
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Petitioning Thailand Ministry of Justice

Prison For CEO Caught Poaching

This week in Bangkok, Premchai Karnasuta, the president of Italian-Thai Development an construction company was caught redhanded in a wildlife sanctuary with a bag full of animal parts. In the bag were animal parts from leopards, pheasants, a deer as well as 3 barrels full of weapons. The leopard was found to have suffered from at least 5 gunshot wounds. Parts of a panther were still cooking in a pot when the authorities arrived at the scene. Karnasuta is facing a wide range of charges - unauthorized hunting in a wildlife sanctuary- unauthorized hunting of protected wildlife- unauthorized possession of protected wildlife carcasses- unauthorized entry into the wildlife sanctuary- conspiring to hide wildlife carcasses- illegal possession of firearms Karnasuta is already on bail but he is due back in court soon. Sadly money talks and the rich more often than not get away with their crimes. Money is not an excuse to ignore the law, nobody should be above the law, especially not the rich. The government needs to make an example of him, the government needs to send a message that just because you are rich it doesn't give you the right to shoot protected and endangered animals. Please sign and share, together we will urge the government to prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. Together we can send a message to future poachers, there will be no mercy.

World Animal Rescue.©
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Petitioning Environmental Protection Agency

Outlaw Coal Ash

Buring Coal is not only polluting the environment, it is also resulting in a dangerous byproduct. The sludge you see in the picture above is the byproduct of burning coal. Coal Ash as it is called is highly toxic and contains traces of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and thallium. All chemicals that can leak into the soil and contaminate the ground. The spill above was from a dam that acted as storage for the coal ash. Mussels, snails, fishes, crabs, otters, ospreys, and muskrats are just some of the species that are affected by the spill. The poor animals are buried under an avalanche of toxins. Death is not instant, it is slow and over the course of a life span. This sets off a chain reaction, once someone eats an infected animal the toxic chemicals end up in their body. Over time it can lead to cancer and even death. Not to mention the river and stream contamination. Coal Ash should be declared a toxic substance, the current standards of storing and disposing of the life threatening byproduct is painfully inadequate. Please sign and share, together we can outlaw coal ash, the killer of both humans and animals.

World Animal Rescue.©
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Petitioning Jimmy F. Eman, Olly Dondokambey

Close Down The Extreme Market

In Indonesia, there exists a market of extremes. A place where anything and everything with a pulse are butchered, cooked and served all in one location. That location is the Langowan Market. In this hell hole, all manner of animals are killed, cooked and served to the adventurous tourist. Animals on the menu included: roasted fruit bats, the decapitated head of a pig, skewered rats, and last but not least dog meat. All animals are killed in front of the customer in order to preserve freshness. In other words, it's common to see dogs being hammered to death with a wooden board, live bats being roasted with a blowtorch, rats having their heads severed, etc. The Langowan Market is a place of extreme suffering. It's a place where animals are caged, anxiously waiting for the inevitability of death. Please sign and share together we can shut this hell on earth down. Graphic Images:

World Animal Rescue.©
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Petitioning Ministry Of Food And Drug Safety

End Sale Of Mice Wine

In certain areas of China and Korea, there is a drink made in an appalling way. Baby Mouse Wine is as terrible as the name sounds. As you probably guessed by now, the main ingredient is dead mice. Baby mice, ones that are still furless are drowned in alcohol. The dead mice are then left to ferment. After soaking for at least 14 months, the beverage is ready for consumption. The baby mouse stays in the jar while the alcohol is consumed. Some people go as far as eating the actual rodents. The mouse wine is supposed to cure asthma, liver diseases, hepatitis and just about any other disease you can think of. Unsurprisingly none of is medically or scientifically proven. It is an insane practice to distill alcohol from dead animals, only with your help can we put a stop to this.

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