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    Request to grant asylum status to Vietnamese Human Rights activist Nguyen Quang

    The Vietnamese American Community of the USA  6050 Dawson Blvd., Ste: A-B, Norcross, GA 30093 Websites: Email:, TEL : (512) 800-7227, (404) 409-8992 ___________________________________________________________________  January 15, 2018 To:       H.E. Angela Merkel, Chancellor  of Germany Cc:      The Hon. Peter Wittig, Ambassador of Germany to the U.S.A. The Hon. António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations.  The Hon. Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The Hon. Joaquín Alexander Maza Martelli, President of the Human Rights Council. The Hon. Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State. The Hon. Kenneth Roth, CEO, Human Rights Watch.   Subject: An Urgent Request for permanent asylum status for Mr. Nguyen Quang Hong Nhan, a Vietnamese Human Rights activist.   Your Excellency,  Mr. Nguyen Quang Hong Nhan, 63 years old, came to Germany on July 26, 2015 along with his daughter Nguyen Quang Hong An who took part in the International Piano Contest in Germany and Austria, On August 21, 2015, Mr. Nguyen submitted a petition for a political refugee asylum at the State of Bavaria because, as a longtime activist who founded the online Human Rights University and the website to advocate human rights for the Vietnamese people, he was afraid of being persecuted upon returning to Vietnam. The petition has been denied multiple times citing the Agreement signed between Germany and Vietnam in which Vietnam promised not to punish any people who return to Vietnam. He is currently residing at Kleinreuther Weg 88, 90408  Nürnberg, Germany, telephone: +4915219201428;  waiting for deportation when his temporary asylum dues.  Mrs. Prime Minister, Everybody knows that the Communists never keep their promises! Communist Vietnam for decades, has been accused of oppression and human rights violations. Vietnam Communists persecute and imprison anyone who opposes its brutal policies. There is no doubt that Mr. Nguyen would be harassed as soon as he returns. If arrested, he might be imprisoned for long term and worse, killed.  For the above reason, we humbly request Mrs. Prime Minister to reconsider his case and grant him a permanent refugee status. In case Germany denies this request, please, help Mr. Nguyen to seek refuge in any other non-Communist countries such as the USA, France, England… Thank you for your concern and consideration.  Very sincerely yours  Signed by  The Vietnamese Americans Community of the USA Mr. Michael Do, Chairman of the Board of Representatives  Ms. TraMy Nguyen, Chairwoman of the Executive Board   Mr. Tan Van Nguyen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

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