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Petitioning Marvel Comics

Make Dan Slott stay off Twitter

With Marvel's general attitude of contempt toward fans, combined with their reliance on gimmicks, reboots, and super-mega-crossover events over quality storytelling, it's difficult to enjoy their comics. However, that difficulty is increased if readers use social media and witness superstar Marvel writer Dan Slott being a total jerk on Twitter. Seriously, the guy responds to anyone who criticizes him or Marvel with vitriolic tirades, even if they don't mention him. This is not appropriate behavior for a high profile professional working for a global corporation and the largest comics publisher in the US. Surely, the Walt Disney Corporation has some sort of guidelines for its employees on social media. Are they just not paying attention to comics because the industry has, at most, 100,000 readers (if we're being really generous)? Surely, they would not want their company represented by an irate comic book writer frothing at the mouth at fans, journalists, and anyone who gets in his way. Marvel, Disney, make Dan Slott stay off Twitter. Honestly, we're not sure how he even manages to write Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer when he appears to be angrily tweeting at fans and journalists around the clock. It must take at least two hours to write Silver Surfer - one hour to watch an episode of Doctor Who, and one hour to adapt the plot to a comic script. How does he find the time? The world would be a more cordial, pleasant place if Dan Slott stayed off Twitter, or at least followed some reasonable corporate guidelines to curtail his childish, abrasive behavior.

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Petitioning 20th Century Fox

Hire Zack Snyder to Direct Mark Waid's Irredeemable

For years, superstar comics writer Mark Waid has been absolutely livid on Twitter about the movie Man of Steel, following an incident in a movie theater when Waid actually had an out of body experience to witness himself standing up and yelling at the movie screen because Superman kills Zod (spoiler alert). Three years later, and the famously hot-headed Waid is just as MAAAAAAAD about Superman killing as he was when the movie debuted, and will go to any lengths to convince people of what he believes to be an irrefutable fact: Superman shouldn't kill. Mark Waid has just had his creator-owned comic, Irredeemable, optioned by Fox for a movie. Irredeemable is about... wait for it... an evil Superman analog that kills. Take a moment to savor that. We propose that Fox hire Man of Steel director Zack Snyder to helm the Irredeemable movie, as this would drive Waid absolutely crazy, and let's face it, he's at his most entertaining when he's crazy (which is, admittedly, most of the time). Further, we suggest that Snyder, just to really push Waid over the edge, insist that Irredeemable character "The Plutonian" refuse to kill. It's true that the rumor mill currently says Ant-Man co-writer Adam McKay is set to direct Irredeemable, but it's not too late to fire him, and we're sure he'll understand. If you agree that it's in the public interest to make Mark Waid really, really mad on Twitter so that we can all watch him melt down and lovable comic book websites can get viral articles out of screencapping his tweets, please show your support by signing this petition. Thank you in advance. (Our apologies to Irredeemable co-creator Peter Krause for potentially ruining his movie with Zack Snyder's terrible directing just to prank Mark Waid, but we're sure he gets that this is for the greater good. He knows Mark Waid, after all.)

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