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    House Democrats: Make Barbara Lee Speaker of the House!

    Democrats lost more than 1,000 seats across the country under the centrist, pro-corporate leadership of Nancy Pelosi, and now it's time for a new direction. It's time for a true progressive to lead the Democratic Party at a time when Americans need a fighter. That person is Barbara Lee. Her bold anti-war record and support for Medicare for All are just two of many reasons why she should be the new leader of the Democratic Party. Sign this petition, and let Democratic Party leadership know you're ready for a new direction. 

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    DNC Chairman Tom Perez Must Resign Now!

    In 2017 Tom Perez stated, “one thing we’ve learned at the DNC is that when you, in fact or in perception, are trying to put the thumb on the scale in a spirited primary, that can undermine public confidence in us.” It was a comment made to assure progressive Democrats that he would remain neutral during primary elections after it was revealed the previous DNC Chair, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, actively tried to sabotage Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.  Now, Tom Perez just contradicted that statement by breaking his neutrality promise and endorsing Andrew Cuomo over Cynthia Nixon in the New York gubernatorial primary. Because Article 5, Section 4 of the DNC Charter mandates neutrality in presidential nominating contests, Democratic Party voters can't be sure Tom Perez won't violate that rule in 2020—as his predecessor did in 2016—based on him violating his own promise to remain neutral in a prominent gubernatorial race. Tom Perez has purged long-time progressive members from the DNC, and reappointed individuals that endorsed him over Keith Ellison in 2017. He promised to heal wounds in the Democratic Party that resulted after the 2016 presidential primary, but he's only furthered the divide within the Democratic Party, and destroyed what little trust the DNC had left with voters. If Democrats are to take back government from the tyrannical right-wing Republican Party, we need divisive and untrustworthy individuals like Tom Perez completely out of the picture.  He must resign now, and allow Keith Ellison, his Deputy DNC Chairman, to take over as head of the DNC.

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