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EMPOWERING CHANGE. DRIVING PROGRESS. On today's factory farms, billions of animals live short, miserable lives in the most unnatural and inhumane conditions possible. Mistreatment, illness, injury and premature death are common. Those who survive often spend their last minutes in terror and pain. It doesn't have to be this way. Together, we can reduce the suffering and change the world for farm animals.

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McDonald's: End Chicken Cruelty

McDonald's is a global giant, but when it comes to the treatment of chickens raised for its menu items, McDonald’s is lagging behind. Please join us in asking McDonald’s to stop using chickens who are bred to suffer. Chickens on factory farms are bred to grow so big, so fast, that they often collapse under their own weight. Many live in constant pain, and they are vulnerable to broken legs and heart attacks. These smart and social birds spend their entire lives in crowded sheds. McDonald’s had the chance to do better for chickens in their latest animal welfare policy. They chose not to. The policy published by McDonald's is inadequate and fails to address a number of key welfare concerns. Please sign this petition to tell McDonald’s that we don’t need empty promises. We need real change. The treatment received by animals raised for food is deeply saddening, but there is hope. Big companies have the power to do the right thing and change things for the better. We can create a kinder, more compassionate world if we raise our voices together. That’s why we are asking McDonald’s to step up, for the millions of living beings who are suffering right now. If you agree that McDonald’s should lead the way and do better for chickens, please sign and share the petition today, and don't forget to opt-in to receive updates and join the fight.

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Petitioning British Poultry Council, Richard Griffiths, Andrew Brodie, Maire Burnett, Daniel Parker, Shradda Kaul

Improve the lives of 1 billion chickens!

1 billion chickens are raised for meat in the UK each year, most of whom live in crowded, filthy sheds and are bred to grow unnaturally fast, suffering debilitating injuries as a result. It's time for The British Poultry Council (BPC), the UK's national trade group representing the poultry meat industry, to back better standards for chickens. Sign this petition to demand change for chickens and don't forget to opt-in to receive updates and join the fight!The BPC states that ‘confidence in British food producers is more important than ever’. With that in mind, the BPC should lead the way and encourage British chicken producers to improve their animal welfare practices. It’s time for the BPC to issue a public statement calling on their members, who make up 90% of the UK’s poultry industry, to move their production from the minimum legal requirements to meet the standards of the Better Chicken Commitment. These progressive welfare standards - supported by The Humane League, Compassion in World Farming, World Animal Protection, RSPCA and Four Paws -  will eliminate the worst health issues, reduce overcrowding, provide a better living environment and end the worst slaughter practices. Chickens deserve change, so sign now to demand change for chickens and don't forget to opt-in to receive updates and join the fight.  

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