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    Save The Former Olinda Golf Course from Sporting Development

    Save the Former Olinda Golf Course from Sporting Development.The Hills Common Alliance Help us petition Parks Victoria and our elected representative in the Victorian Government, James Merlino MP, to keep this rare common land available for all the community to enjoy.   Since the closure of the golf course in 2012, the common land has become a vibrant place for the community to enjoy hilltop views to the distant mountain ranges, majestic trees and vibrant bird and wildlife, having picnics, walking dogs and socialising. Koalas, the occasional kangaroo, wallabies, wombats, and many nocturnal marsupials, powerful owls, lyrebirds and rare Gang-Gang Cockatoos are all to be found on the common land. The large, flat, open space at the top (rarely found in the Hills) is the only easily accessible section for many people, particularly the elderly and those with very young families.  Parks Victoria’s “Olinda Precinct Plan 2017” proposes initially spending $4.72 million of public money including a second AFL sized oval in the community. The second oval is unnecessary and has been earmarked for the large flat space - restricting access to the public and changing the natural environment people enjoy - along with major earthworks and removal of old trees. Floodlights, fencing, support buildings and carparks have not been ruled out long term.  Two underutilised ovals already exist at nearby Kalorama, with lights, and Ferny Creek, however, don’t appear to have been considered as alternatives. The junior footballers already have access to the Olinda Primary School’s oval, another alternative for consideration.  Sign the petition to let local member James Merlino MP know people want to keep this beautiful, common land open and accessible for all to enjoy and to spend public money where it’s needed & necessary for the benefit the broader Hills community.  Thank you. For more information please see out Facebook site:

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    Petitioning James Merlino

    Save the Former Olinda Golf Course from Sporting Development.

    Stop the proposed development of sports complexes on the former Olinda Golf Course. Parks Victoria proposes handing over much of the visible upper sections of the former Olinda golf course to the local sports club for development. A major sport complex is being considered, commencing with a new oval. In their 3rd draft of the Olinda Precinct Plan 2016, Parks Victoria indicated they plan to go ahead with development of a training oval on the golf course site, the 4th oval in the area. Major earthworks and tree removal have been approved for this development. Floodlights, paving, fencing, stadiums and carparks have not been ruled out as the sport complex expands, making it a development equivalent in size to some in the Eastern suburbs where populations are 3 to 4 times that of Olinda. There are alternatives for expansion for the sports groups, but development of the golf course is seen as more convenient. The former Olinda golf course closed in 2012 and since then has been enjoyed by locals and visitors to the area as quiet and stunning parkland, boasting of spectacular scenery, colourful rhododendrons with a mix of local and exotic trees. The top terraces are used by hundreds now for meeting, walking and socialising. Many who are now out and enjoying this park are the senior citizens in the community. Although over 30 hectares in size, most of the area is steep and thus cannot be used by this group. If the proposed sport development goes ahead across the level terraces of the site, many of the elderly will lose much of the only flat parkland available to them. Once described by The Age sports writer Scott Spits as ‘the finest views in golf’ and a ‘breath of heaven on earth’, this site, once merged with the adjoining National Rhododendron Gardens and the R. J. Hamer Arboretum, will provide the Victorian public with an important and significant park system not seen anywhere else. The development of a sports complex on the top terraces, visible from the road, will seriously impact this unique area. Olinda was established as a holiday destination for tourists who wish to enjoy tall forests, beautiful gardens, and majestic vistas. A large area of the level parkland with views will be destroyed by the proposed development. The activities of this sports development will certainly encroach on and disturb the abundant wildlife on the land which includes koalas, wombats, powerful owls, lyrebirds and rare Gang-Gang Cockatoos. Help us petition Parks Victoria to preserve this public land for all Victorians. Help us stop the proposed oval and future developments on this site before it is gone forever. This land must be preserved for all Victorians, and no part of it should be handed over to a local group. For more information please see out Facebook site:

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