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Legalized Expanded Gaming in Kentucky

As a resident of Eastern Kentucky, I encourage you to support Mr. Keene's House Bill 190 AN ACT relating to the expansion of gaming and making an appropriation therefor.. This will open up all of Kentucky to a more diverse economy. I’m sure you are aware of how much revenue we are losing to our neighboring states that have riverboat access gambling. Many states have benefited from legal brick-and-mortar casinos, off-track betting locations and state-sponsored lotteries, Kentucky citizens have proved we want expanded gaming since the 1990’s. With the teachers and state worker pension plans in the shape that they are expanded gaming can and will be the savior for retirement plans.I understand the risks of gambling addiction has always been the issue, the small percentage that occurs are already making wagers in other forms or fashions and will continue to do so. It’s plain and simple we need expanded gaming. We need the tourism, we need the tax revenue, we need the other industry that will follow from the increased population that will come from job creation.This is simply the nature of a free market. We cannot protect special interests by shutting down up-and-coming technology and businesses.Thanks for your consideration, and I again urge you to make the suggested amendment on this bill. It is not just me as a player that takes interest but the companies that will be created should this law pass.Sincerely, The Future of Eastern Kentucky 859-587-9606

The Future of Eastern Kentucky
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