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The Searcy Children have been kidnapped due to their mother's political activism in the State of Oklahoma. It has been made very clear to supporters that Tammy's support of SQ 788 is the driving force behind the removal. This political attack over medical marijuana and the use of non-psychoactive CBD to treat Briana is illegal and immoral. BRING THE SEARCY CHILDREN HOME!!

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Bring Kaylynn Home!

The State of Oregon Department of Human Services is giving out OMMP registry cards for medical marijuana and then taking children for the same reason!! A parent's use of Medical Marijuana is NOT child neglect. Kaylynn Nelson belongs with her family! #BRINGKAYLYNNHOME  

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FIRE Judge Wayne Shelton

Judge Wayne Shelton denied the constitutional rights of Steffen Rivenburg, Sr. and Patricia Tornberg, by denying an injunction that kept their baby, Steffen Jr., on life support. The judge gave the parents only 2 days to present a 2nd opinion, a denial of due process, and gave discretion to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to terminate assistance that sustained Steffen Jr.'s life - a violation of their constitutionally protected rights to the care and control of their own child.  Steffen Jr.'s parents believed he could survive a heart transplant, if only given the chance. But he wasn't. On June 8th 2017, Baby Steffen was removed from life support followed by an injection of what is called the Michael Jackson drug, which ended his short life. His parents had numerous doctors available to provide 2nd opinions and Judge Shelton denied their testimony. His parents also filed an appeal and a motion to stay the order removing him from life support pending that appeal to a higher Court. Judge Shelton ordered baby Steffen's death before that appeal was ever heard. Now, Judge Shelton and DCS are attempting to adopt Baby Steffen's big sister Annalise out to strangers. Despite complete compliance with the case plan, and despite the biological family fighting for her. Judge Wayne Shelton's Violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct include denial of constitutional rights during hearings for parents Steffen Rivenburg and Patricia Tornberg, including but not limited to denial of the right to counsel (6th amendment), denial of the right to due process (5th and 14th amendments), and the denial of the right to make life-and-death decisions regarding their children (9th amendment). There were violations of United States Code, Title 18, Section 241 - Conspiracy Against Rights and Section 242 Deprivation of Rights, which occured in Judge Shelton's Court. Also, the denial of the right for biological family to be heard on Motions for Kinship Placement. Judge Wayne Shelton should be removed from the bench. He has chosen to murder a child through his authority given to him by the people, and as a result, he should be thoroughly investigated, judged, and then stricken of all power he has over the lives of children.

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Save Baby Steffen!

Save Baby Steffen Rivenburg, Jr. by demanding the order be granted preventing the doctors at Vanderbilt/Monroe Carell Children's Hospital, in conjunction with the Tennessee Department of Children's Services, from taking 7 month old Baby Steffen off of life support against his parents wishes. His parents, Steffen Sr. and Patricia, still possess their parental rights and it is not the decision of the hospital, nor TN DCS, to end this child's life. Despite any alleged dependency on the State of Tennessee for his wellbeing.  Give Steffen Jr. a fighting chance and the family a chance to say goodbye the right way and in their own time. Please Save Baby Steffen! Learn more at

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