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Justice for the Thomas Family!

The Thomas Family doesn't deserve to lose their children or their freedom because of a non-toxic plant that is necessary to their health and well-being. Idaho laws don't match the will of the people, and Veterans like Edward, and his wife Ashley, should not be persecuted for choosing a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals. Marijuana is medicine! JUSTICE FOR THE THOMAS FAMILY!    

The Fight for Lilly Foundation
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The Searcy Children have been kidnapped due to their mother's political activism in the State of Oklahoma. It has been made very clear to supporters that Tammy's support of SQ 788 is the driving force behind the removal. This political attack over medical marijuana and the use of non-psychoactive CBD to treat Briana is illegal and immoral. BRING THE SEARCY CHILDREN HOME!!

The Fight for Lilly Foundation
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Bring Kaylynn Home!

The State of Oregon Department of Human Services is giving out OMMP registry cards for medical marijuana and then taking children for the same reason!! A parent's use of Medical Marijuana is NOT child neglect. Kaylynn Nelson belongs with her family! #BRINGKAYLYNNHOME  

The Fight for Lilly Foundation
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