The Civil Coalition against the Highway Project “ Hekmeh-Turk" Axis

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A civil society group, composed of concerned citizens, NGOs, professionals and academics, united against the highway project "Hekmeh-Turk Axis" (Fouad Boutros Road) The group is growing and is currently composed of the following groups and NGOs: Association for the Protection of the Lebanese Heritage – Save Beirut Heritage – All Against Corruption - Forever Lebanon – Moultazimoun – Green Party of Lebanon – Green Wheels – T.E.R.R.E. Liban – Inter-Lebanon – Mashaa – GreenPeace – Green Line Association – NAHNOO – The Lebanon Eco-Movement – Five Stars Tourism – Green Cedar Lebanon – Beyond Magazine – Achrafieh Stairs – Achrafieh 2020 With the participation and collaboration of experts of civil society, urban planners, architects, engineers, as well as inhabitants of the affected neighborhoods, from the regions of Achrafieh, Rmeil and Medawar.

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