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    Join Utah Leaders in Opposing Rep. Noel's Quest to Become BLM Director

    Utah State Representative Mike Noel is lobbying to become the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He and a group of like-minded politicians are campaigning to position Noel as a legitimate candidate for this post. The Salt Lake Tribune and this OpEd by Better Utah’s Madison Hayes outline how Mike Noel’s confirmation as BLM Director would spell disaster for our public lands. Among the many reasons Mike Noel would be bad for the BLM and our public lands are these: Mike Noel is a staunch opponent of the Federal Government; Mike Noel believes that law enforcement on Federal public lands should be taken away from Federal officials and turned over to local sheriffs; Mike Noel ardently supported Phil Lyman, the former county commissioner who led an illegal and damaging protest ride through Recapture Canyon; Mike Noel is a proponent of Utah’s $14 million wasteful lawsuit to “take back” Federal lands; Mike Noel continually demeans and vilifies opponents of his positions; Mike Noel’s leadership would have a catastrophic impact on the outdoor recreation industry, an important part of Utah’s economy; Mike Noel fails to compromise and allows his personal opinions on matters to override all others; Mike Noel’s history of manipulation and conflicts of interest would likely follow him in a higher position of power.   Based on Noel’s beliefs, history, and temperament, we urge the Trump Administration to reject Rep. Mike Noel’s quest to become the next Director of the BLM. Join the Alliance for a Better Utah, our fellow citizens, business, advocacy and community leaders from around Utah in telling the Trump Administration to oppose Mike Noel’s pursuit to become the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management. See our letter to the Trump Administration here. The letter is signed and endorsed by, among others, Jan & Bryson Garbett (Garbett Homes), Peter Metcalf (CEO Emeritus, Black Diamond), Nazz Kurth (President, Petzl America), John Sears (President, Gregory Mountain Products), Kevin Boyl (President, KUHL), Pat Shea (Former Director, BLM), Sierra Club, Utah Chapter, Southern Utah Wilderness Association, the Alliance for a Better Utah, Save Our Canyons, Wild Utah Project, Wild Earth Guardians, and Western Values Project.

    The Alliance for a Better Utah
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    Impeach Judge Scott N. Johansen

    If Judge Johansen wants to act like Judge Judy, then he should get a reality TV show. In the meantime, his past and present conduct is unbecoming of a judicial officer. On November 11th, Judge Johansen ordered that a child be removed from the home of a married lesbian couple, claiming that the child would be better off in the home of a heterosexual couple over the objection of the foster parents, the Utah Division of Child and Family Services and the Guardian Ad Litem Office assigned to represent the child. After public outcry, Judge Johansen partially reversed his Order. Judge Johansen has previously come under attack for his tactics. In 1997, Judge Johansen was reprimanded by the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission for "demeaning the judicial office" after slapping a 16-year-old boy during a 1995 meeting at the Price courthouse. In 2007, Judge Johansen was criticized for threatening to take a homeschooling mom’s children away if she failed to enroll them in public school and insure that they were in attendance every day. Johansen was also criticized in 2012 for ordering a woman to cut her 13-year-old daughter's ponytail as punishment for the teen cutting the hair off a 3-year-old girl at a restaurant. It is not enough to simply refer to the Judge’s conduct as ‘puzzling’ and suggest that he must follow the law. Judge Johansen should be impeached and removed from office.

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