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    Petitioning Hon. Ken Wyatt MP Minister for Aged Care

    SHOW YOU CARE: Change the law to allow ethical CCTV in care homes across Australia

    that's life! magazine's Show You Care campaign is calling for the government to legislate for the use of ethical video surveillance in private rooms of aged care facilities, with the permission of residents or their family members/guardians.   Noleen Hausler's dad, Clarence "Clarry" Hausler was assaulted repeatedly by his carer, who held a napkin over his face and violently shoved food in his mouth. She was only able to catch the abuse because she placed hidden cameras in her father's room.  In June 2016, Clarry's carer Corey Lyle Lucas pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault against Clarence Hausler and received a six-month jail sentence.  Sadly Noleen's beloved dad passed away in 2017, aged 91. In his honour Noleen is calling for video surveillance to be allowed in private rooms of aged care homes.  No Australian aged care resident should endure the abuse Noleen's father had to suffer, but those who wish to use video surveillance are putting themselves at risk of a criminal prosecution.  that's life! believes every resident has the right to quality care and to feel safe from the threat of abuse.  If you believe that too please join our Show You Care campaign and sign our petition. 

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    Petitioning Greg Hunt MP

    Protect our kids! All meningococcal vaccines should be FREE on the PBS

    that's life! magazine has launched the Protect Our Kids campaign to ensure all children across Australia can be protected against deadly meningococcal disease.  When Riley Nixon from Adelaide was 23 months old he fell ill with meningococcal B and faced a fight for his life. Although he bravely survived, doctors needed to remove his legs and hands in order to save him. Like most babies across Australia, when Riley was 12 months old he'd received the free meningococcal C vaccine. His parents Amy and Chad thought he was fully protected. But what they didn't realise is that there are five deadly strains of meningococcal disease – A,B,C,W and Y - and currently, only the C vaccine is on the PBS. Some states have introduced a free ACWY combined vaccine program for adolescents, the most at risk group, however this isn’t consistent across all states. In February, the Federal Government said the ACWY jab would be added to the PBS, but a date still hasn’t been confirmed. To immunise their babies against the B strain, parents have to pay between $125 and $150 per dose, with up to four doses needed, and the ACWY vaccine costs between $38 and $120. that’s life! magazine is asking the Federal Government to provide FREE vaccines for all five strains of meningococcal – A,B,C,W,Y. We believe our kids deserve the right to be protected against this terrible disease and families shouldn’t have to risk their children’s health because they can’t afford the jabs.

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