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The mission of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty derives from six principal truths about the death penalty. 1) ) The death penalty is not a deterrent to violent crime. FBI studies prove that the opposite is true. 2) The death penalty is racist, both with respect to the color of murder victims and to the color of the murderers. 3) The death penalty itself is an act of violence that degrades and brutalizes all citizens in whose name it is carried out. 4) People who receive the death penalty instead of an alternative are overwhelmingly poor; approximately 90%, in fact, are indigent. 5) The death penalty is exacted against the mentally deficient, and it is exacted against juveniles. 6) The death penalty condemns the innocent to die, as evidenced by the more than 90 people released from death row since 1976; we are certain that other innocents have been executed between one and four percent of the total.

Thus, our mission is to abolish the death penalty forever; first, specifically in Texas, then in the rest of the United States. We will accomplish this by educating the people, uniting them in the cause, and convincing them to direct their legislators to eliminate the laws that specify death as the punishment for any crimes.

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