Sweeter Alternative

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Sweeter Alternative is a campaign to educate Americans on the benefits of sugarcane ethanol – a clean, and affordable renewable fuel that could help save money at the pump, cut dependence on Middle East oil and improve the environment.

For more than 30 years, Congress has erected an elaborate system of subsidies and trade barriers that makes sugarcane ethanol more expensive and practically unavailable in the United States. As a result, Americans are unable to enjoy the environmental, economic and energy security benefits of this advanced renewable fuel.

Sweeter Alternative is fighting to open up the market for clean energy like sugarcane ethanol and other advanced biofuels. Consumers win when businesses have to compete in an open market, because competition produces higher quality products at lower costs. The same principle holds true for the renewable fuels market where competition will create a race to the future and generate better alternatives for consumers.

Below is a video overview of U.S. ethanol policy that will help you become an expert on the issue:

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