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Warwick: Ban Fracking Now

To those wishing to preserve and protect Warwick,(PLEASE SIGN ONLY IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT, BUSINESS OWNER OR TAX PAYER OF WARWICK OR ITS THREE VILLAGES, and are at least 18 years of age.) If you know how beautiful and special Warwick is, you know why it needs to be protected from the dangers of fracking, and why you need to sign this petition now. Fracking is a heavy industrial activity that endangers water, land, air, and health, through the release of radioactivity, the use of cancer-causing and toxic chemicals and the pollution of drinking water. This ban is urgent because the state is expected to make a decision regarding fracking in February. In order for Warwick to keep its options open and protect its right to control its own zoning (“home rule,”) the town needs to act immediately. These same factors have led over 150 New York towns to pass laws to restrict fracking. In early October, Sustainable Warwick presented an extensive report on this issue to the Town Board, and recommended a ban. Following that, the town directed its Conservation Board to research the subject and report; the Conservation Board then also strongly recommended an immediate ban on fracking, saying, “Fracking is totally incompatible with the town’s Comprehensive Plan.” Right now, the Town Board has the power to revise its laws and protect its citizens. Now you, the public, need to let the Town Board know you want a ban on fracking and on drilling waste. And please alert friends who live in Warwick--or who own land or businesses here--and encourage them to sign. This is critical for the future of our town as we know it.(PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION ONLY IF YOU ARE A RESIDENT, BUSINESS OWNER OR TAX PAYER OF WARWICK OR ITS THREE VILLAGES, and are at least 18 years of age.)

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