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    Results deserve support! Continue the SANCTUARY DV Program and Phonebank in Austin, Texas!

    Please sign this petition in support of the Survive2Thrive Foundation's funding request to continue serving displaced and homeless Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Family Violence/Human Trafficking Victims in the City of Austin. Since April 13, 2020 (the launch of the 24/7 COVID-19 DV Phonebank), we have achieved the following outcomes: • Completed 123 successful interactions with law enforcement for the quick placement of DVSA and some trafficking victims (most placements of victims happen in under one (1) hour). • Responded to over 1,700 call center/office calls to provide services and assistance, logged 6,048 man hours. • Placed over 136 families in our hotel safety net in hotels across Austin. • Assisted 32 of those 136 families with placement into semi-permanent/permanent housing in 2.5 months. • Funded 89 requests for community members experiencing domestic violence affected by COVID-19 through our Seed A Survivor program. • The Seed A Survivor rent/utility/food assistance program launched to help Austinites experiencing domestic violence with delinquent housing costs and food insecurity arising due to COVID-19. • Eliminated the waitlist at Hope Alliance Crisis Center through a coordinated care program and funded over $34,000 in assistance to their Austin/Travis County clients as they re-stabilize themselves and transition out of the shelter. •. Implemented case management program for the children in our SANCTUARY Program and spent $14,000 on back to school supplies, clothes, and backpacks. • Invested over $425,614 in victims of direct and indirect financial assistance through RISE funding to date. “Our great city of Austin will continue to flourish to the extent that we care for our most vulnerable.  Survive2Thrive makes the dream of safety and thriving for all a reality.  The success is program has warranted and deserves continually and predictable funding to continue to help everyone have access to a step forward.” - Chris Turnley, S2T Board Member and Global Sales Leader, UFCU "Survive2Thrive, and the Sanctuary Platform are redefining the city of Austin’s, and neighboring municipalities’ response to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.   Through years of dedicated effort, Courtney Santana and her team of dedicated care responders, have built a unique approach that quickly brings these victims to safety.  In the last (year, x months…) alone, Survive2Thrive worked with law enforcement to rescue over 120 victims.  What used to take as much as a full day to seek safe shelter can now be accomplished in less than an hour.  This process goes beyond the initial rescue.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic, 30 families have been placed in more permanent housing within 2.5 months.   Courtney’s organization has logged over 1,700 calls, providing assistance to hundreds of victims in a highly personalized manner as they seek safety, security and normalcy for themselves and their families.  Survive2Thrive and the Sanctuary Platform integrate with other social services and municipal departments to ensure a comprehensive approach in getting victims back on their feet.  It is a great example of highly effective public/private partnership which can become fully institutionalized in Austin and cities around the country.  They are leading the way in this vital cause." - Steve Felice, Advisor, Former President, DELL Computer Inc. S2T’s impact comes as a result of the coordinated work of the City of Austin, APD, APD Victim Services, Travis County, Williamson County, local service providers and non-profits, the local shelters, and the 1,200+ available hotel rooms and private dwellings made available through the Austin Hotel and Lodging Association.  "I am so proud to be a part of the community of Survive 2 Thrive. I am pleased and honored to be in proximity to their brilliance, resilience, courage, innovation, and love. I have the honor to witness this organization courageously rise to the occasion on behalf of women in this community. Women who would have otherwise fallen through the cracks of what we now see operate as our fiscal choices in creating a social safety net, public safety, and health. This moment is where we can as a community with our resources strengthen this movement that exemplifies through deed, word, reputation, and action a world where ALL women and children can live supported, secure, resilient lives in safety and no one is left behind." Denise Eisman, Executive Director, Austin Hotel and Lodging Association. Survive2Thrive is asking the City of Austin to give PERMANENT budget consideration serving Austin/Travis County through the end of COVID-19 and into the foreseeable future.  COVID-19 revealed an amazing opportunity to innovate, collaborate, and serve in new ways! Let's look forward and not go back!

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