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    Strengthening Penalties for Targeting Public Safety Professionals

    In recent months the nation has been witness to several viral incidents captured on video of NYPD officers being doused with water, and in some cases even buckets thrown at their heads. This is completely unacceptable, and action must be taken. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has launched an online petition calling for state legislation to increase penalties for those individuals who target police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, military reservists and other public safety personnel. We need new legislation that further protects our heroes and enhances public safety by deterring criminal acts that target public protection professionals. Suffolk County stands with the entire law enforcement community across this state and has zero tolerance for the abysmal behavior and appalling actions that took place in New York City this month towards NYPD Officers. We need to bring all stakeholders to the table to develop a sensible and comprehensive bill that protects New York’s law enforcement community and first responders, and holds their assailants responsible. By signing this petition you are supporting the County Executive’s efforts to pass this law in Albany. An attack on police officers represents an attack on all of us, on public safety and on the rule of law. It’s an attack on the men and women who choose to put on a uniform and go out every single day, potentially putting their health and safety at risk for people they’ve never met.

    Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
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    Petitioning The United States House of Representatives


    For decades, Long Island homeowners have relied on the ability to deduct their full state and local taxes (SALT) on their federal tax returns. Now as homeowners begin to file their taxes, thousands of working and middle class Long Islanders are being blindsided with what is amounting to a massive tax increase. In response, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has launched a comprehensive action plan to protect homeowners who will be negatively impacted by the new federal tax law that unfairly repeals these critical deductions. The SALT Cap Response Plan will help restore tax deductibility for affected homeowners and ease their financial burden as a result of this costly impact. Establishing a County Charitable Gift Reserve Fund.  In order to mitigate the unfair and negative consequences of the lost tax deduction, County Executive Bellone has introduced a resolution to establish a charitable gift reserve fund and to authorize charitable gift reserve fund tax credits. This would authorize any owner of real property located within the County to make a contribution to the Suffolk County Charitable Gift Reserve Fund and claim credit against such property taxes equal to 95 percent of that contribution. The County resolution complies with Governor Cuomo’s New York State-passed provision to allow taxpayers to make a voluntary charitable contribution to a charitable gift reserve fund, so long as such fund is established by a given local government. But we can’t stop there. Homeowners all across Long Island are joining together to call on Washington to take action by restoring these vital tax deductions and ending the assault on middle class homeowners. Sign our petition now and join thousands of New Yorkers who are fighting back against this massive tax increase. Later this year, the County Executive will be traveling to Washington, DC to meet with federal officials and policy makers to advocate for the restoration of these vital deductions and will submit these signatures on behalf of all Long Islanders. MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD!

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