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    Petitioning The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


    For decades, Suffolk County homeowners have relied on the ability to deduct their full state and local taxes (SALT) on their federal tax returns. The new federal tax plan significantly limits this critical deduction for countless suburban households across Long Island, resulting in a massive tax increase for working and middle class families. To protect homeowners, earlier this year, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed state legislation authorizing local municipalities to establish charitable funds to which homeowners may contribute, and later receive, both income and property tax credits. Governor Cuomo’s plan to utilize existing provisions in the federal tax code, which reduces the property tax and income tax burden for families across Long Island and the state, is threatened by an unprecedented action by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  The IRS has proposed new regulations that would cripple the ability of taxpayers to utilize this state-authorized mechanism. We are calling on the IRS to be fair and consistent across the nation, and halt these unprecedented regulations. Sign our petition now and join thousands of New Yorkers who are fighting back against this massive tax increase. Next month, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone will travel to Washington D.C. to testify at the IRS public hearing on these proposed regulations. By October 11th, we encourage you to submit a comment below on why YOU oppose these regulations. We will submit them to the IRS on your behalf as part of the official record during the comment period and public hearing. MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD!

    Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
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    Petitioning Donald Trump


    Congress is considering legislation that could result in massive tax increases for thousands of Long Islanders, making it difficult for many middle class families to stay in their homes, and making it virtually impossible for many others to ever afford homes on Long Island. The leading business organization in the region has stated that the measures now being considered by Congress could result in a cumulative tax increase of more than $4 billion on Long Island. The impact of such a massive federal tax increase on Long Island would be far reaching. A tax increase of this size would make it hard for many families on Long Island to make ends meet. Taxpayers would see their property values decline. Worse yet, recent gains in consumer confidence would be reversed and consumer buying power would be significantly reduced hurting families and small businesses. We, the undersigned taxpayers of Long Island, urge our President, a fellow New Yorker, to use the full power and authority of his office to stop any bill passed by Congress that would eliminate or even reduce the deduction for state and local taxes. Eliminating this deduction would mean double taxation, since we would be taxed on the taxes we already pay at the state and local level, which is un-American, and patently unfair. Long Island taxpayers already send $23 billion a year more in tax dollars to Washington than they get in return from the federal government. Long Island families should not be forced to absorb massive new increases in federal taxes to allow Congress to cut taxes in other communities across the nation.

    Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone
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