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CHANGE the Burbank Departure Flight Path or STOP the Terminal!

We, the undersigned, OPPOSE Burbank Airport’s new $1.24 Billion Terminal that was approved by FAA! Until the departure jet path over our communities moves back to the historical flight path, we will actively oppose the Replacement Terminal. HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: 1. Sign this PETITION. It will be sent to your elected officials on federal, state and city levels. 2. CONTACT YOUR ELECTED REPS and tell them to bring legal action against BUR New Terminal prior to deadline of JULY 12, 2021 (links at our website). 3. Visit to sign up for our e-Blast Updates.  WHY WE OPPOSE THE NEW TERMINAL: Jet traffic from BUR is already wreaking havoc on our communities. The new flight path imposed on us in 2017, without notice or study — HAS CREATED A JET SUPERHIGHWAY —under which we have been suffering for more than FOUR years! In addition, implementing new, proposed procedures would INCREASE the devastating effects – inserting GPS waypoints in the hearts of our communities – all while we are dealing with increased incursions from Van Nuys Airport. Now, Burbank’s new terminal looms – with no relief in sight! We oppose NEW TERMINAL construction that will make Burbank Airport even more “efficient” at directing hundreds of jets daily over our communities! Burbank Airport is, at times, already sending jets over us less than one minute apart -- 200 departures a day and growing!  Negative noise and air quality impacts to residents, school, businesses, and public parklands, have already reached CRISIS LEVELS -- threatening our health and safety -- and are increasing every day!   WE NEED CHANGE NOW! ·      We object to BUR’s tremendous negative impacts on residents of the City of Los Angeles! While Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena reap the profits, they refuse to share the noise and pollution from overflights. The solution is to restore the historical flight path, proven safe for decades.  WE HAVE PROOF that Burbank’s jets can do it!  ·      We oppose negative impacts to HEALTH and SAFETY from constant, low-flying jets that degrade air quality and cause serious health problems including heart disease ·      We oppose waypoints in our communities and disruption to our schools, as well as low altitude, low flight paths over terrain. ·      We oppose severe negative impacts to our public parklands, our quiet refuge from noisy, city life. We object to jets flying over very high fire severity risk areas and impacts on wildlife. ·      We oppose rapidly increasing economic impacts – losses to our businesses, the film industry, and to our residential property values. We must not allow the Burbank Airport and the Airlines to profit from our misery!

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Petitioning Stephen Dickson, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Brad Sherman, Paul Krekorian, David Ryu, Paul Koretz, Raquel Girvin, Clark Desing


The FAA and BURBANK Airport are on the verge of changing the flight paths from Burbank. ALL DAILY DEPARTURES (now 170+) will be required to fly over hillside neighborhoods, schools and parks from Studio City, west through Sherman Oaks, to Encino. Jets will fly LOUD and LOW over our communities, valuable open space and wildlife habitat, due to new GPS points that guide jets in a concentrated flight path. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! PLEASE SIGN TODAY! We object to these new flight paths, OROSZ 3 and SLAPP 2, and to waypoints that will guarantee disruption to our communities and burden us with constant noise and a significant air quality health hazard. We object to flight paths that expose residents and visitors -- our school children, student athletes, and people seeking recreation in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area – to constant jet noise and pollution. We object to a flight path over mountainous terrain at higher elevations. Altitude minimums are far too low over terrain and jets gaining altitude are too low and too loud. Unstudied canyon acoustics create a long echo effect of 90 seconds or more. We object to the lack of environmental impact studies. Where are the noise and air quality studies that support FAA’s decision to locate waypoints at 1700 to 3200 feet AGL (above ground level) over thousands of children attending area schools? We object to jets consistently flying well below the “mixing level,” where particulate pollutants fall to the ground. Negative health effects of breathing particulates are well documented – and are most dangerous for children, who are “sensitive receptors,” along with the ill and elderly. Children play outside and engage in sports, further increasing their susceptibility.  We object to the disruption of our schools. Children have difficulty learning in a noisy environment. The schools in your proposed path were built in quiet, hillside environments and have inadequate soundproofing.  We object to the disruption and degradation of noise sensitive, 4-F designated, public recreation and park land, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. This area is home to much of our dwindling, Los Angeles wildlife and wildlife habitat. We object to the FAA’s and Burbank Airport’s failure to provide outreach on these extremely significant and intrusive new procedures. No notification or engagement.  We object to FAA’s failure to specify flight paths. Faulty online procedure materials misrepresent geographical location of path and waypoints. FAA must, in the interest of transparency, provide corrected maps and restart the comment period. FAA must eliminate the waypoints or move them north over the natural “noise corridor” of the 101 freeway. For more information, please visit Studio City for Quiet Skies website at:

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