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    Petitioning Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Department of Transportation, Los Angeles City Council

    During COVID-19 redistribute LA streets for safe active transportation & additional parks

    COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our city; tens of thousands are out of work, hundreds of thousands are working from home, and millions have been ordered to only leave their homes if absolutely necessary. Because of these changes, our road space far exceeds the required amount for vehicle traffic. At the same time, for their own physical and mental health, many Angelenos need to get to/from work if they are an essential employee, need to go to the market or a doctor’s office, or perhaps just need to go for a run, bike ride, or go play with their kids. It isn’t possible to do this and maintain 6’ of space on our current transit, sidewalk, and bike lane infrastructure.  Movement Proposals to the City of Los Angeles: Install a temporary “CicLAvia Lane” network using Krail (or equivalent) to slow streets with increased speeding, and give residents a safe 6’ distanced option for active transportation while reinforcing connections to grocery stores, hospitals, LAUSD food centers, delivery services, and other essential resources. View our potential pilot map. Create an accelerated path for street closure requests - with the goal of creating local access to open space, especially in neighborhoods with limited park access. These will be hard closures block by block, maintaining local access for parking. Specifically we suggest: Waive fees and insurance requirements Give Neighborhood Councils the same request exception as council offices Increase application turnaround to 10 days Allow option for LADOT to install barricades  Why is this necessary? This request follows the street redistribution examples of Bogotá, NYC, Philly, Calgary, Portland, and Berlin. Similar projects are being considered by Culver City, Vancouver, Toronto, Mexico City, and others. It also follows the advice of 50 medical professionals in England who called for the government to enable safe walking and cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost half of LA’s neighborhoods lack sufficient public space. In the city of Los Angeles more than 40% (1.6 million) of residents don’t have the recommended 1 acre of park per thousand people in their neighborhood. For example Koreatown has 0.11 acres of park per 1k residents and Van Nuys has 0.18 acres of park space per 1k residents. (Map) Many sidewalks in Los Angeles are not wide enough for essential 6’ distancing. Trails and parks are so full of people looking to get outside that many have been closed to the public due to crowding. Meanwhile roads are going by largely empty as movement declines. Strategies to quickly reduce human contact are necessary, but finding long term strategies to keep Angelenos mentally and physically healthy while the city shelters-in-place for the next couple months cannot be overlooked. Globally, we’re already seeing the impacts in places with harsh lock-down strategies when it comes to mental health and well-being. Specifically, we see this proposal fulfilling the following public health solutions: Increase access to local public space for active social distancing while alleviating crowding. Reinforcing connections to grocery stores, hospitals, LAUSD food centers, delivery services, and other essential resources, especially for non-car-owners. Increase equitable access to outdoors, active transportation, cardiovascular exercise, and sustaining both physical and mental health. Slow down streets that are seeing increased speeding, improving traffic safety (Vision Zero), and minimizing the unnecessary use of stretched medical resources to respond to accidents. Change context of park space in LA from a destination (i.e. crowding) to a locally accessible resource. Create a safe 6’ distanced option for active transportation as a an alternative to the busiest transit routes.

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