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    OUR PLEA Please join Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland (SDVII) with our plea to keep monster, Paul Barry in custody. SDVII is asking the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, to review this abuser, Paul Barry's release. Kim Fox was brutally left for dead when her ex-partner beat her with no reason. He will be released EARLY, serving only 24 of his 32 month sentencing by the end of the year.  Please help by signing this petition to help our plea to keep him in jail for the maximum sentencing for the protection of Kim Fox and her family.  WE ARE ASKING;  To keep Paul Barry in jail for the maximum sentencing.  To provide Kim Fox and her family a Protective No Contact Order  THE BACK STORY  On 9th of December 2018, while Kim Fox was sleeping, her long time partner came home from celebrating his Birthday with friends. After a long night of night of heavy drinking and using cocaine, Paul Barry knocked his partner unconscious and savagely beat Kim to near death.  While Paul Barry sat in his living room drinking as if he didn't savagely beat Kim, she lay in a pool of blood in her bedroom. Thankfully Kim was found by her daughter. When she came home she was redirected by Barry to not give Kim help. But, her daughter was able to contact the authorities to save her mother.  Kim Fox was left with extensive injuries, sustaining soft tissue damage to her upper body and face, a fractured eye socket, three fractured ribs and two missing teeth. She was in hospital for three days. Kim lost her job as a result of being off work for a month after the assault. And though she has recovered physically, she had been left traumatized by this senseless assault. As well as her daughter.  Paul Barry, who has 17 previous convictions, was sentences to 32 months in prison by Judge Nolan, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. This crime has a maximum sentence of 5 years.  Please refer to the article and a podcast where Kim tells her story.  CURRENT SITUATION  Paul Barry's was sentences to 32 months; however he is set to be released by CHRISTMAS! This is an EARLY RELEASE, just 24 months of his sentence.  Understandably, Kim and her family are terrorized with the thoughts that Paul will come and finish what he started.  Kim's residence has just a lane between his residence and hers. This area is a common means of travel that is needed to get to her mother's home and other areas. She lives in fear he will be there waiting for her.   Help Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland to call on a maximum sentencing and Protective Order to be issued.  Join our movement to bring forth justice to make DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A CRIME IN IRELAND and sign our petition. Thank you for your support. 

    Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland
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    OUR PLEA!Please join Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland in calling on the attention of The Minister for Justice for CHANGE, demanding new legislation, making Domestic Violence a CRIMINAL OFFENCE punished by law! We want to make abusers of Domestic Violence accountable. Justice needs to be on the side of the unnecessarily increasing number of victims. Domestic abuse is NOT defined in Irish legislation as a Crime. What is Domestic Violence (DV)? Domestic Violence (DV) is the physical, sexual, financial, emotional or psychological abuse of one person against another within a family environment; or by an intimate partner (currently or previous), regardless of gender or sexuality. Which IS NOT CRIMINALISED IN IRELAND. The Domestic Violence Act 2018 on the 1st of January, 2019, providing new protections for victims relating to "coercive control," a type of emotional and psychological abuse aimed at stripping a person of their self-worth and agency. While this is a start, laws need to be put into legislation to make Domestic Violence a crime, period! Domestic Violence does not discriminate. It unfortunately affects, Women, Men and Children. LATEST STATISTICS! SafeIreland, reported the annual statistics on 19th, December, 2019, which are limited to include most, but not all the numbers for just WOMAN AND CHILDREN.  Increasing numbers and increasing complexity!        10,782 Individual women received support from DV support services.        2,572 individual children received support from DV support services.        53,627 helpline calls were answered by DV support services.        3,256 unmet requests for refuge because the services were full.        9,971 individual women received a wide range of face-to-face supports.        1,138 were accommodated and receive a range of supports in refuge.        1,667 individual children stayed in refuge.        1,385 children received non-accommodation supports.        948 children were under the age of 5. Five women have died violently in the Republic of Ireland in 2019; and since 1996, 230 women have died violently in the Republic of Ireland, in addition to 16 children were killed alongside their mothers. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! LAWS TO INCLUDE! In an effort to enforce safety of all victims, our plea introduces laws to include, but not limited to; 1.      An immediate No Contact Order for any person who feels they are in danger and needs to leave. This would allow the applicant and Gardai the authority and protection while implementing no physical, verbal or written forms of contact. 2.      The Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) place charges on the abuser when a Domestic Violence violation has been committed. This ensures safety for the victim and sends a message that the abuser, friends, family and anyone else can not talk the victim into dropping the charges. This eliminates unnecessary work for the authorities and removes this stress from the victim. 3.      An Assessment Process to calculate the risk for any individual; 4.      Dedicated Units for Domestic Violence in each Garda Station; 5.      Make a Statement by making laws harsh to all abusers and enforcing consistent justice. 6.      A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ABUSE REGISTRY; when an abuser has been charged and deemed a guilty verdict, they will automatically be added to a PUBLIC registry for all convicted domestic violence criminals. 7.      Funding for Domestic Violence Organizations, work along side with the non-profits, and the authorities to come together in enforcing and supporting victims. Help Stop Domestic Violence In Ireland to call on laws to be make abusers of DV accountable! MAKE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A CRIME!  Thank you for your support on a very critical subject. 

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