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SAEN is a non-profit organization working towards the total liberation of animals from laboratories. . Our goal is to end the suffering NOW, not in 100 years!

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SAVE the University of Oklahoma baboons! STOP Transfer to Labs!

UPDATE:  University of Oklahoma is caught advertising their baboons as surplus! This is in stark contrast to OU's sugar-coated response SAEN received that OU is “working closely with the National Institutes of Health to develop a comprehensive plan for the placement of the baboons." OU's ad in NIH-sponsored publication "Primate Resource Referral Service": Papio Anubis - Olive baboon No. 7165: US born males and females, all ages, research naïve and non-naïve. Please contact: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Stated PURPOSE of this publication is to PROVIDE INFORMATION for the EFFICIENT SHARING of laboratory PRIMATES by RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS ... to LIST AVAILABLE or WANTED ANIMALS ... NOW MORE THAN EVER - Your signature is crucial in stopping these baboons from being transferred to a research lab! BACKGROUND: In September 2015 the University of Oklahoma (OU) announced their bold step to close their baboon research and breeding program on the heels of a campaign by SAEN – Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! But now, the future of over 670 baboons is uncertain. OU is still responsible for their baboons in this research and breeding colony even after its closure. The best outcome is for OU to convert their baboon facility into a sanctuary as recommended by SAEN and primate experts. Please join us in signing and sharing this petition to support OU in their bold closure announcement and encourage them to take the precedent-setting step of turning OU’s baboon facility into a sanctuary!  

SAEN - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
82,664 supporters