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The Stone Crab Alliance is committed to working for economic, social, and environmental justice through nonviolent direct action. The group was formed as a sister group to the Clam Shell Alliance in the 1970s when it helped stop a nuclear power plant from being built in Bonita Springs, Florida. We’re still celebrating a major victory. After two years of protests, penalties, and lawsuits, Dan A. Hughes announced it was abandoning all plans to explore for oil in Southwest Florida. The Texas oil company terminated its 115,000-acre-oil lease while the state revoked all the company’s permits and filed a lawsuit for cleanup. Most significantly, the drill site that placed 30 families in an emergency evacuation zone was turned into a watermelon field. Although we’re still celebrating the shutdown, an additional 334,000 acres was just leased for oil operations so the struggle for the Everglades and clean water escalates. We’re working on both the state and local level to ban fracking and shutdown proposed seismic testing in the Big Cypress National Preserve. We're too busy to maintain a website; we do have a Stonecrab Alliance Facebook page where you can find more than you'd ever want to know. We also work with a variety of other groups and issues to make the world a better place for everyone.

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