Stockton United for Healthy Water

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"Our role is that of an advocate, watchdog, and partner with the city and government of Stockton and the state of California, demanding that clean and safe water flows through our homes and businesses. In examining the events leading up to the horrific water crisis that is going on in Flint, Michigan, we move forward with our mission in hopes of being proactive and being a strong advocate of clean drinking water. Like Flint, Stockton has been in the media and known as an area and that was hit the hardest during the Great Recession, and ground zero of the housing crisis. We are a diverse community with working class roots, industries largely connected to agriculture, construction, the medical and education fields. We will not be another example — like Flint — where politicians, bureaucrats and the gatekeeper to clean and healthy water recklessly DISREGARDED the public and irreversibly endangered the health of a whole community. We are a strong group of community members and leaders, ready to investigate, take calls to action, assist the public in gaining understanding of what is happening to our water, researching the health impacts on our residents, and influencing clean water policies." ​

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