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Petitioning Ron DeSantis

Stop South Florida's Sewage Sludge from Polluting the St. Johns River!

We need your help! Years ago, legislation was enacted prohibiting the land application of sewage sludge from adding additional nutrient pollution to South Florida waterways.   As a result, more than 89,000 tons of South Florida's sewage sludge is being disposed of annually within the Upper Basin of the St. Johns River.  The runoff from the sludge is fueling harmful algal blooms and undermining downstream public investments to reduce nutrient pollution in our river.  WHY THIS IS BAD NEWS FOR THE ST. JOHNS RIVER: The annual disposal of more than 89,000 tons of South Florida's sewage sludge within the watershed of the St. Johns River is fueling toxic algal blooms.  This transfer of pollution from South Florida to the St. Johns River watershed hurts businesses and citizens impacted by toxic algae blooms and saddles local governments and taxpayers with the cost of cleaning up this serious pollution problem.  Instead of providing the same protections for ALL of Florida's waterways, FDEP is ignoring the urgent need to stop pollution at its source and continues to allow the disposal of South Florida's sewage sludge in the watershed of the St. Johns River. WE WANT THE SAME PROTECTIONS AS SOUTH FLORIDA:We urgently request Governor DeSantis to issue a moratorium on sewage sludge applications within the St. Johns River watershed until this urgent pollution problem is resolved.  Legislation or rules must be passed that provide the same protections as South Florida, requiring permit applicants "to affirmatively demonstrate that the nutrients in the biosolids (Class B) will not add to nutrient loadings in the watershed."  ALL of Florida's waterways deserve to be protected.  Learn more at   

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Petitioning Rick Scott, Mayor Lenny Curry, Rob Bradley, Aaron Bean, Audrey Gibson, Travis Hutson, Keith Perry, Elizabeth Porter, Cord Byrd, Clay Yarborough, Tracie Davis, Kimberly Daniels, Jay Fant, Jason Fisc...


Last year, Hurricane Irma clearly demonstrated that numerous communities throughout Florida are ill-prepared for a future of rising waters, including Jacksonville that experienced a 150-year flood event. Scientific projections indicate that rising seas and a changing climate will only make major storm events wetter and stronger and a bigger threat to Florida’s future.  The Florida Times-Union special report, As the Ocean Creeps In, also demonstrated how dredging and man-made alterations to our rivers and estuaries can make this problem worse by increasing storm surge, water levels, and flooding. Unfortunately, these projects often provide little mitigation to offset the damage, including the current dredging plan for the St. Johns River.  As a result, Floridians need smart long-range planning, more resilient infrastructure, and adequate mitigation to better prepare and protect our cities from future disasters.  We urge the State of Florida to: Require a vulnerability assessment of Florida's existing drainage and sewage infrastructure, Work with communities to develop and implement plans to become more resilient,  Prioritize and provide funding for building practices and green infrastructure to more effectively manage, store, and treat stormwater, and, Provide mitigation that will offset the damage of any dredging project, including the St. Johns River, so that these projects do not further degrade our waterways and make our communities even more vulnerable.

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Petitioning Rick Scott, Danny Becton, John Miklos, Fred Roberts, Charles Drake, Ron Howse, Douglas Bournique, Douglas Burnett, Susan Dolan, Janet Price, Allan Roberts, Ann Shortelle

#SaveJDPreserve from development of 1,400 homes and protect public lands!

THREAT:J. Thomas Dodson and Eastland, the developers who originally sold the Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve to the City of Jacksonville and State of Florida now want it back. They are proposing to swap property on Black Hammock Island to build 1,400 homes on 403 acres inside the heart of Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve. BACKGROUND & SIGNIFICANCE:The Preserve consists of 2,031-acres located on a peninsula formed at the confluence of Julington and Durbin creeks, with approximately nine miles of shoreline along the adjacent waterways. The property was purchased in 2001 for $16.5 million as part of the Jacksonville's Preservation Project, a land acquisition program conceived by Mayor John Delaney to manage growth, protect environmentally sensitive lands, improve water quality, and provide access to the City's natural areas. Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve provides the public with an opportunity to experience old Florida. This Preserve is a shining example of what was the committed intent of The Preservation Project and Florida Forever. CONCERNS: Destroy critical habitat for plants and wildlife; Adversely impact water quality in Julington and Durbin Creeks and the St. Johns River; Reduce flood protection; Degrade the ecological integrity of the property, since prescribed burns would no longer be possible.  According to the SJRWMD, prescribed fire is the most important land management tool for restoring and preserving the ecological health and diversity of the site, while also decreasing the risk of wildfires. Diminish recreational opportunities; Increase traffic congestion; Establish dangerous precedent that could open up other conservation lands to future development. TAKE ACTION NOW: 1. Contact Governor Rick Scott, St. Johns River Water Management District Governing Board, and your City Council Members. Tell them to deny the land swap proposal and protect Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve forever! Office of Governor Rick ScottState of FloridaThe Capitol400 S. Monroe St.Tallahassee, FL 32399(850) SJRWMD Governing BoardP.O. Box 1429Palatka, FL 32178 City 2. Write a Letter to the Editor to speak out on this issue!Florida Times-UnionMike Clark(904) 3. Attend the Rally to Save Julington-Durbin Creek Preserve!July 14 @ 9am, Julington-Durbin Preserve EntranceSee our Facebook Event For more #SaveJDPreserve

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