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Petitioning NFL

Stop Taking Money From Our Troops

Few things bring the country together during the year like football. Football is deeply woven into our nation's fabric and culture. Whether united by team or divided by rivalry, the least we can do as sports fans and patriotic Americans on Sundays is pay special tribute to those who serve and have sacrificed on our nation's behalf. We were extremely disappointed to learn that the NFL holds these ceremonies recognizing members of the military not out of mere patriotism, but as yet another mechanism to rake in money. In fact, the NFL and its billionaire team-owners have charged The National Guard more than $7 million in taxpayer dollars the past three seasons! At a time of serious budget shortfalls and rising national security threats, it’s wrong that the Pentagon had to take millions out of more critical areas to pay the most profitable sports league on the planet to honor our troops. As we start the season, fans deserve to have confidence in knowing our fighting men and women are being honored on Sundays for their honorable military service -- not as some taxpayer funded NFL marketing ploy. Please sign this petition that calls on the league to donate all past fees collected for these tributes to charities that support our troops and commit to not charging taxpayers a dime going forward.

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Petitioning United States Congress

Pass the FANS Act to completely end the NFL's local TV blackout policy

NFL fans are the backbone of the league’s business. We made the NFL the powerhouse that it is today by watching and attending games, buying merchandise and paying the taxes that build and maintain stadiums. What does the NFL give us in return for our support? TV blackouts that prevent us from watching our favorite teams. Sports fans recently scored an overwhelming win against the league’s local TV blackout policy when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ended the nearly 40-year-old “Sports Blackout Rule” in late September. But before anyone does a touchdown celebration in the end zone, remember that the league can still block fans from watching their favorite teams on TV. If the NFL doesn’t voluntarily end its own local blackout policy, we have to put an end to the remaining government protection of its policy: the antitrust exemption that allows leagues to have the policy in the first place. Fortunately, political will is building to make that happen. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have reintroduced the FANS Act (Furthering Access and Networks for Sports Act) to eliminate the antitrust exemption. The time is now. Given the league’s history, it is likely to stay its course of profiting from you, not benefiting you. So it’s time for us to act. If you like watching your team on TV at home, sign this petition to let the NFL hear your voice and call on your members of Congress to co-sponsor the FANS Act. Tell them that the NFL should do the right thing and get rid of its local blackout policy -- just like professional baseball and hockey have done in the past. View our press release here.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @sportsfanorg

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Petitioning Federal Communications Commission

Vote to End the Sports Blackout Rule

The NFL makes almost $9 billion a year in revenue, Commissioner Roger Goodell makes almost $44 million in annual salary, and the league -- believe it or not, considered a nonprofit by the U.S. government -- is the most profitable sports entity in the entire world. And yet, despite the league's wealth, fans of the game continue to pay because of an outdated "blackout" rule supported by the NFL. This rule punishes fans if a team doesn't sell enough tickets for a game by barring games from being shown on television. For folks who can't afford expensive tickets to a game or travel to stadiums, the rule only serves to hurt fans -- while NFL owners and executives continue to make big bucks. This "blackout" rule is outdated and needs to go. We're close to an historic vote from the FCC on this, but we need your help to get us over the edge. Thanks to years of pressure from sports fans across the United States, the Federal Communications Commission has scheduled a vote for September 30th to end the 40-year-old, anti-fan "Sports Blackout Rule." While ending this rule wouldn't end NFL blackouts all together, at least it would eliminate the decades-long government support for those obnoxious blackouts when games don't sell out. But the NFL is fighting back. They've hired big law firms, lobbyists, and even NFL Hall-of-Famer Lynn Swann to try to delay or kill the vote. We can't let that happen!  Add your name to the thousands of fans who already have spoken up. Tell the FCC: KEEP THE VOTE ON THE CALENDAR and vote to end the Sports Blackout Rule. As we've seen the NFL flounder in recent months as it has handled controversy over domestic violence policies, ongoing concern over its nonprofit status, and inconsistencies in its drug use policy, it's finally time to reward fans over NFL executives. Let's stand together to end the outdated "Sports Blackout Rule."

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