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Petitioning Hon. Prime Minister of Australia

Royal Commission to investigate IELTS Australia

We, the undersigned Australians, wish to request you consider investigating other big corporations including IELTS Australia. After the Financial Services Royal Commission found serious breaches committed by major financial institutions. We would like to make you aware about serious misconducts carried out by another big corporations.  IELTS Australia is in charge for the conduct of IELTS test. This test has become very important for millions of people around the world including millions of Australians. Australians born with non-English speaking backgrounds are forced to sit this test for several reasons such as: studying at Australian universities, recognition of qualifications, registration to professional associations and, should your government succeed, to acquire citizenship. There is no transparency nor fairness in how IELTS Australia conducts the test. The test is designed and carried out by IELTS employees. The marking system lacks transparency. Even for the re-marking there is no third party to observe if everything is done in a proper manner. IELTS Australia is operating with no scrutiny at all. IELTS Australia collects all kinds of sensitive data from test takers. The purpose of this collection of data is unknown. IELTS Australia has recently come under fire for taking advantage of the increased demand for people to sit the English test. Recently the media has covered IELTS’ suspicious operations to make a maximum profit possible.  A $340 fee is paid each time the test is done. Considering that most people who sit the test don’t pass, the test has to be re-sit multiple times. The profit of this company has skyrocketed to a couple of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Now you can understand why. This corporation needs to be put under scrutiny sooner rather than later. The impact that these suspicious greedy practices have on test takers and on our economy, is high. Many Australian professionals who were trained in Australian colleges and universities will never work in their professions. The taxpayers’ money will never be recovered. In addition, the repeat attempts to pass the test and consequent failure have had a major toll on the health and livelihood of test-takers. Not only these people will be unable to pay back their study debt, they will be also costing the commonwealth money in both welfare payment and mental health treatment. IELTS Australia with its conduct of the test, seems to be violating its very own written policies and regulations.  A Royal Commission will be able to hear stories of PHD holders who failed 21 times by only half a point! A Royal Commission will have the power to question the reason why test takers are forced to use pencils to answer the questions. A Royal Commission will be able to get definite answers as to why test takers are not allowed to access their own intellectual property so they can compare it to the “exemplary answers”. The Royal Commission should force the company to declare the motives for collecting all kinds of data from their customers.  A company that makes billions of dollars out of the misery of millions of people should be monitored and closely scrutinised and brought to justice for all its unfair practices. We will not stop until we see the same result the Royal Commission has achieved with banks and financial service providers.

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