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    To Mission city Mayor Armando O’Cana to let the snowball express open till 2am everyday

    We are snow Express best raspas and snacks in Texas ,We have been doing business from 2014 in the city of mission and we have been open every day till 1.30 am ..But recently on March 2018 the city planning dept has came with cops and starting to close us,they said that we don’t have the permit to open after 10 Pm ..So we abide that and reapplied again to give us permission to give us till 2am.They denied this by telling that the neighbors complain about sound of the music customers put on their cars at night time.BUT WE HAD 5 NEIGHBORS CAME TO THE MEETING AND SPOKE FOR US THAT THEY DONT HEAR ANY OF THOSE THINGS .only 2 neighbors was against us .INSTEAD OF MORE PEOPLE SUPPORTING US THEY AGAIN DENIED US .WE are � Sure this is an injustice..because on the same street there are drive thrus which have music open till midnight serving beer and cigarettes and the city let them stay open..So apparently it’s not fair ..of course selling raspas and snacks are more good for community than selling beer and cigarettes.Another thing is that there are Whataburger and McDonald’s open 24 hours and they also have neighbors and this doesn’t matter for them.SO WE FEEL THAT THEY ARE DISCRIMINATING US BY DENYING OUR PERMIT.We have lot of customers they are also the citizens of mission city and it’s a family friendly making us closing early the city officials denying their opportunity to enjoy our delicious snacks at that time ..Also the city officials denying opportunity of our workers who make a living out of it ..if we workers get more hours it will benefit our families.Also as a business we pay taxes to the city ..also to the school district and it’s not fair a business we trust the city of mission and put 2 locations and now they are telling that we have close the business at 10pm.We have locations in Edinburg,Pharr,mcallen and Penitas and all those cities we are open till 1 or2 am and there was no problems.And they also have neighbors around them too..We feel it’s not fair or there is some kind of unfairness going on ..Please Customers let’s sign this petition and also take it to the Mayor and city council people and media people ..We need an opportunity to serve you and we are not against no one .EVERYONE HELP US TO MAKE THIS CAMPAIGN SO BIG !!!  

    Snowball express MISSION
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