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    Cal Poly: Divest from War, Invest in People!

    Sign our petition to amplify our demands and message to Cal Poly: divest from war, invest in people! Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and other defense contractors are making a killing off of killing. While the U.S. spends billions on bombs and weapons, defense contractor executives, employees, and investors are lining their pockets with blood money. Civilians die in the process. Raytheon, for example, is currently funneling arms to Saudi Arabia for the U.S.-backed war on Yemen. Since this war began 3 years ago, the value of Raytheon stock has risen by 94%, and more than 50,000 civilians have died. This is the war machine. At Cal Poly, our education is deeply influenced by the war machine. Our labs and Career Services are sponsored by defense contractors. Our endowments have investments in the war machine. Our faculty has research grants from companies like Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and Lockheed Martin. Our students learn in labs sponsored by companies making a killing off of killing, then our graduates go and work for these companies. U.S. "defense" spending accounts for 67% of Federal discretionary spending, coming in at almost $700 billion per year. We spend money on war instead of investing in quality and free education, universal healthcare, green energy, and other life-affirming solutions. Another world is possible.  The SLO Peace Coalition, affiliated with CODEPINK, is fighting for that world. A coalition of students and community members, we are united in the fight to end Cal Poly’s involvement in the war economy. For the last year, we have protested defense contractors at the Cal Poly Career Fair and educated our communities about the war machine. We are committed to ending the war economy and building a sustainable future with world peace, free public higher education, universal healthcare, the demilitarization of police departments, and affordable food & housing for all. Join us as we call on Cal Poly to Divest from the War Machine and invest in a green and just future. Our demands to Cal Poly are as follows: Make no new investments (through endowments) and allow no new sponsorships (including labs, career services, etc.) in weapons producers and fossil fuel companies. Sell existing investments and divest sponsored lab spaces tied to these companies within 1-2 years. Reinvest in clean, life-affirming solutions such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, water efficiency, and more. Create infrastructures to support career paths for students who do not want to go into "defense" work. Institute a Socially Responsible Investment policy. Be sure to follow our coalition on Facebook:

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    Petitioning Cal Poly Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Cal Poly President Jeff Armstrong

    Cal Poly: Stop Threatening Peaceful Protestors, Stop the Free Speech Double Standard

    UPDATE: 11/27/18 Due to overwhelming public support, Cal Poly's Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities formally dropped their investigation of SLO Peace Coalition & stated on the record that our former protest was not in violation of any University policies. That precedent assumably protected any future protests of the same variety. During our intake meeting, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities encouraged SLO Peace Coalition to keep protesting and utilizing our freedom of expression.  Therefore, at the following Career Fair on October 4th, we staged an identical protest to oppose Raytheon’s funneling of arms to Saudi Arabia for the U.S.-backed war on Yemen. To our surprise and dismay, the same people who cleared our right to protest are now threatening it once again. Our student rights, and our first amendment rights, are being violated to protect the University's violent corporate sponsors. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is acting outside of their own judiciary policies. The department tasked with protecting student rights continues to violate them, so the students have nowhere to look for justice. We call upon Cal Poly to protect student rights and end their shameless threats immediately. We need your help! -- The Cal Poly Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is investigating and threatening sanctions against students who participated in a peaceful and nonviolent anti-war protest against Raytheon, a defense contractor, at the Cal Poly Career Fair. Join us in our call for Cal Poly administration to drop the investigation, create a more peaceful campus, and stand up for free speech and our right to non-violent protest! The SLO Peace Coalition is in the middle of a campaign to get Cal Poly to divest from war and weapons. As a part of our campaign to highlight how the war machine is embedded in Cal Poly, we protested the Raytheon booth at our campus’ career fair.   On April 19th, 2018, members of the SLO Peace Coalition entered the Cal Poly Career Fair with the intent of peacefully and non-disruptively protesting Raytheon's booth. Raytheon creates many of the weapons used in lethal and illegal killings of innocent civilians across the world. Their employees, many of whom are Cal Poly graduates, make a killing on killing. Just last month, over 50 Raytheon Tomahawk missiles were dropped on Syria by President Trump. Additionally, the chairman of Cal Poly’s Foundation Board is former Raytheon Executive William Swanson. In our action, the SLO Peace Coalition sought to criticize and highlight Raytheon’s role in the war economy, and the billions of dollars spent on war and militarism instead of education, housing, and healthcare. Approximately two weeks after this protest, SLO Peace Coalition members received an email from the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities alleging that they had violated the University's Student Code of Conduct for an unpermitted sign as well as willfully and substantially disrupting university business. This happened barely more than a week after Cal Poly's administration decided not to sanction someone who did blackface as well as someone who sexually assaulted more than seven people. There have been countless other incidents of bigotry and harassment that have gone unpunished. While we are not sure what the sanctions will be, student peace activists are scared the university will threaten their futures. Our actions to highlight how war and militarism are impacting our university has resulted in a disproportionate backlash that exemplifies how the war machine is controlling our campus. We have a right to peaceful protest and we will not be silenced. Please sign our petition to join us in our call for Cal Poly administration to drop the investigation, create a more peaceful campus, and stand up for free speech and our right to non-violent protest! A live stream of the entire event, start to finish, can be found here: A video of the second protest can be found here: More information on the SLO Peace Coalition can be found here:

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