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SISTERS LEAD SISTERS VOTE, a 501(c) 4 organization, was formed and founded by a group of Black women leaders to be a voice for the interests of Black women and their families. - We support issues and policy that affect the well-being of Black women, their families and communities of African descent and economically disadvantaged communities; - We provide education about issues, candidates for political office and the political process; - We promote the civic participation and community leadership of women of African descent and the diaspora in America; and - We engage and organize our community locally, nationally and online to stand for the issues, policies and people that impact the lives of Black women and their families.

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Petitioning Doug Jones

Black Women In Alabama Call for Doug Jones to Oppose Kavanaugh Nomination

OPEN LETTER TO SENATOR DOUG JONES September 15, 2018 Dear Senator Jones,  We, the undersigned, have come together as Black women voters in Alabama and our allies, to express our concern about the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court. First, we want to encourage you to stand strong in your position to avoid a swift decision on this matter.  We stand with you and support your commitment to ensure that Judge Kavanagh is thoroughly and properly vetted. Finally, we believe, that once vetted, it will be clear the negative impact that Judge Kavanagh could shatter some of the most valuable gains in gun violence prevention, voting rights, healthcare, worker’s rights, immigration and of course, women’s reproductive rights.   We need your leadership now more than ever. As our representative, we further ask that you reach across the aisle and work with other Senators to also abstain from making a swift decision to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  This decision is too important to rush.  And frankly, what we know about Judge Kavanaugh heightens our interest to have a complete and thorough investigation. The next Supreme Court Justice stands in the balance on significant matters expected to come before the court, and Judge Kavanaugh’s work and record on these issues concern us, including: ·      Gun Violence Prevention – When the D.C. Circuit Court upheld a ban on assault weapons, Judge Kavanaugh authored a dissent stating that the Second Amendment guarantees a person’s right to own a semi-automatic weapon and rejecting the idea that public safety should be considered when ruling on guns – blatantly ignoring clear evidence that gun safety policies protect the lives of women and children. ·      Voting Rights – Prior to the Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder gutting the Voting Rights Act, Judge Kavanaugh supported South Carolina efforts to pass a restrictive voter id law that the Department of Justice found would negatively impact over 80,000 people of color, in South Carolina v. U.S., 898 F. Supp.2d 30 (D.C. Cir. 2012). ·      Affordable Healthcare - Judge Kavanaugh openly criticized Chief Justice Roberts for his decision to uphold the health care law and, from the bench, repeatedly voiced his opposition to the ACA, including by suggesting that a president could “decline to enforce” this lifesaving legislation if he personally deems it unconstitutional. ·      Worker’s Rights - Judge Kavanaugh’s record shows that he has no regard for the rights of workers, consistently ruling against them and the agencies charged with protecting them in cases involving discrimination, worker safety and union representation. Judge Kavanaugh dissented – in favor of the employer and against the worker – in several workplace discrimination cases. ·       Reproductive Justice - Roe vs. Wade should be protected, we do not want to send women back into the shadows to receive reproductive healthcare and we understand that both African American women and low- income women will be disproportionally affected.  Just last year, he made his disdain for Roe clear when he went out of his way to praise former Chief Justice Rehnquist’s dissent in the case. And when Judge Kavanaugh had the opportunity to block access to abortion care, he jumped at it. As a member of a three-judge panel, he voted to prevent a young immigrant woman from accessing abortion care she wanted, indicating that he believed the federal government could delay her time-sensitive care past the time when she could legally access abortion in the state where she was being held Further, we are concerned about Kavanaugh’s opinion that a sitting President should not be criminally charged. The Supreme Court has not issued an opinion on this matter.  There are too many allegations regarding Russia and the Trump campaign that lie in murky waters.  There are many Black women voters across Alabama that will stand alongside you on local and national media platforms to win this fight. Senator Jones, being that you serve on the Senate’s HELP committee, we would hope that you will stand with the black women voters across Alabama who elected you in trying to engage other key senators across party lines to halt this appointment.  Our nation’s highest court is at stake and honestly, the risks of this appointment are terrifying.  We need you to stand with us as we have stood with you. Sincerely, Alabama Black Women Voters and our Allies Latosha Brown, Letetia Daniels Jackson, Dothan, AL Sheila Tyson, Birmingham, AL Catrena Norris Carter, Selma, AL Paula Durry Patton Evanne Gibson, Birmingham, AL Teresa Bettis, Mobile, AL Melanie McClain, Huntsville, AL Keisha Brown, Birmingham, AL N.J. Davina Clarice Davism, Birmingham, AL Kris Ross, Montgomery, AL Joyce England Peoples Deborah Thomas, Dothan, AL Sarah -Hope Parmeter, Camden, AL Rasheda Campbell, Birmingham, AL Sandra DeArmas Marsh, Dothan, AL Leeda Butler Eulàlia Puig, Oak Park, IL Denise Davis-Maye, Montgomery, AL Pamela Lischko Lowell, Selma, AL Tomika Rayford, Selma, AL Jenna Leving Jacobson, Butler County, AL Donna Taylor, Mobile, AL Penny Kessler, Sumter County, AL Donna Taylor, Butler County, AL Danielle Fulghum Rebecca Lane, Selma, AL Adrienne J. King, Selma, AL Ruby Sales Addie McConneell Tonya Scott Williams, Montgomery, AL Jocelyn Ginyard, Lawrenceville, GA Tisha Bowie, Selma, AL Tiffany Thomas, Montgomery, AL Abina Billups, Selma, AL L. Simone Washington

Sisters Lead Sisters Vote
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Petitioning Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Patty Murray, Mark Warner, Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Van Hollen, Steny Hoyer, James Clyburn, Joseph Crowley, Linda Sanchez, Ben Lujan, Keith...

#IStandWithMaxine: Black Women Leaders Support Congresswoman Maxine Waters

We, the undersigned, write to express our full support for Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who has recently been unjustly attacked by Republicans and Democratic Party leadership for speaking truth to power in challenging the Trump Administration to do the right thing by ending a “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy.  Families seeking asylum from violence in their home countries are held in detention centers at the Mexican border and even worse, this inhumane immigration policy has separated over 2,000 children from their families. Further, we write to share our profound indignation and deep disappointment over your recent failure to protect Congresswoman Waters from unwarranted attacks from the Trump Administration and others in the GOP. That failure was further compounded by your decision to unfairly deride her as being “uncivil” and “un-American.” In doing so, we believe this mischaracterizes her call to action for peaceful democratic assembly and the exercise of her constitutional rights to free speech in support of defenseless immigrant children and their families.  As one of the longest-serving African American women, and the longest-tenured woman of color, in Congress, Representative Waters has dedicated nearly 30 years of her life to federal public service. Prior to that, she was a member of the California State Assembly for 14 years and has made it her life’s work to stand as a fearless advocate for women and unwavering champion for children, people of color and the poor. Millennials of every race and creed revere Congresswoman Waters, whom they affectionately refer to as “Auntie Maxine.” She has been a foremost catalyst in encouraging a new generation to embrace the Democratic Party as the party that shares their values and speaks to the issues they care about most.  Not supporting Congresswoman Waters hurts the party and threatens to erode an opportunity to continue to grow the Democratic Party with young leaders and voters. For Black women, who are the most loyal base of the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement, Congresswoman Waters is our shero. At this critical juncture in our nation’s history, Maxine Waters stands bold and unafraid, serving as a beacon of light and hope, her singular voice, speaking powerfully and urging the nation to the moral high ground of justice.  She continues the phenomenal legacy of leadership of Black women who paved the way for all women to break glass ceilings including Congresswomen Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Yvonne Braithwaite and Cardiss Collins; and civil rights icons---Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Dr. C. Delores Tucker, Reverend Willie Barrow, Mrs. Evelyn Lowery and many more.   Much hangs in the balance this fall, with all 435 House seats and 33 Senate seats up for grabs. Disparaging or failing to support Congresswoman Waters is an affront to her and Black women across the country and telegraphs a message that the Democratic Party can ill afford:  that it does not respect Black women’s leadership and political power and discounts the impact of Black women and millennial voters.  We call on the Democratic Party leadership to step up and publicly support Congresswoman Waters, who has been receiving death threats for speaking truthfully and boldly in support of immigrant families and challenging the Trump Administration to end their inhumane and immoral policy that has yet to reunite over 2,000 children with their parents and continues to lock up refugees seeking asylum in the United States of America.  We further believe Congresswoman Waters is owed an apology for your public comments insinuating she is “uncivil” and “un-American” for challenging the Trump Administration.   As women whose ancestors have lived through the incivility of slavery, segregation, and all other forms of discrimination, racism, and sexism, as people who have historically been told to “wait” for justice, for freedom, for our turn, we consider it an insult to characterize Ms. Waters’ call for the exercise of our constitutional rights as uncivil and un-American.  We call on leaders of all persuasion to practice the art of civil discourse.  We believe you can make this right.  We expect, and she deserves your support. Sincerely,  Black Women Leaders and Allies As of July 5, 2018 Jill Abramson, NYTina Edwards Akintayo, GARev. Aundreia Alexander, DCBobbie Jean Anderson, CAFaye M. Anderson, PAHonorable Angela Angel, MDShavon L. Arline-Bradley, MDBarbara Arnwine, Esq., MDJaladah Aslam, OHRev. J L Armstrong, CAJennifer Jones Austin, NYDiane Babineaux, MDMonifa Bandele, NYRev. Kipp Banks, DCCora Masters Barry, DCHon. Cindy Bass, PABishop George Battle, NCLezi Baskerville, DCGail McCann Beatty, MOSherry Bellamy, MDSalandra Benton, FLHeaven Berhane, DCRev. Traci D. Blackmon, MODioinne P. Boissier, CTRyan Boyer, PADonna Brazile, DCRev. Valerie Bridgeman, OHRhonda Briggins, GAHon. Blondell Reynolds Brown, PAClayola Brown, DCLatosha Brown, GAStefanie Brown James, OHVanessa Brown, NYRev. Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, MDBishop John Bryant, ILRashida Bumbray, NYTarana Burke, NYSuzanne E. Burks, GAJacqueline L. BurtonRev. Dr. Amy K. Butler, NYAutumn Butler, MIHelen Butler, GAKatima Bynum, NYRev. Dr. Malcolm T. Byrd, PARev. Leslie D. Callahan, PAMelanie L. Campbell, VALisa Cagnolatti-Daniels, AZYolanda Caraway, DCGlynda Carr, NYCharlene A. Carruthers, ILDr. Iva E. Carruthers, ILKimberlyn Carter, GAHon. Morgan Cephas, PARev. Adriel D. Chaney, PAC. Jacqueline Chaney, PAMarjorie Clarke-Woolridge, NYJoey Combs, MIBrittney Cooper, PhD, NJDr. Joia Crear Perry, DCNikki Curry, MIDr. Gloria Daniels, NYLisa E. Davis, Esq., NJLori Davis-West, NYRev. Dawnique Daughtry, NJRev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, NYRev. Karen Daughtry, NYRev. Leah Daughtry, NYSharon D. Daughtry, NYAfiya Diane Dawson, NYEdrea Davis, GAFelicia Davis, GALouella Day-Jeter, OHRev. T. DeWitt, Jr., GAJudith A. Browne Dianis, MDMcKenya Dilworth, INThe Rev. Kaji S. Douša, NYDr. Gerald Durley, GAHazel Dukes, NYMarcia Dyson, DCNatasha Fable, MDLisa Fager, MDBishop Orlando Findlayter, NYLeslie Fields, DCHon. C. Virginia Fields, NYOleta Fitzgerald, MSKaren Finney, DCKathryn Flewellen, GAJanette Robinson Flint, CAJamor Gaffney, MDAlicia Garza, CAGail George, NYGlenda Gill, CAA’Shanti Gholar, VAPatricia Green, MDRandi Gregory, GAChrishelle Griffin, MIKellie Todd Griffin, CARev. Neichelle R. Guidry, PhD, GAHon. Helen Gym, PARev. Dr.  Cynthia Hale, GARev. Sekinah Hamlin, DCSarah Williams Harrigan, NYRev. Dr. Peter Goodwin HeltzelZaneilia Harris, MDNancy Harvin, DCSherikia Hawkins, MIRev. Fredrick D. Haynes, III, TXAsh-Lee Henderson, TNKaren Henderson, GADr. Obrey Hendricks, NYCynthia Hewitt, GAKristal High, NCHolli Holliday, Esq., MDRev. Gregory Holston, PADeborah Hope, Esq., NYRev. Joseph J. Horton, Jr., OHValerie Bates Horton, OHTanya Clay House, MDRev. Leslie Houseworth-Fields, NJRev. Carol Houston, CAMarcela Howell, MDAlexis Hudson-Ward, OHSenator Vincent Hughes, PAIfeoma Ike, Esq., NYPhyllis Jacob, MILetetia Daniels Jackson, ALLisa Jackson, CAStefanie Brown James, OHEmmanuela Jean-Etienne, FLRev. Deborah D. Jenkins, NYHonorable Dezie Woods Jones, CALatoia Jones, DCJennifer Jones, MDYvonne Shade Jones, GADerrick Johnson, MSLaraine Johnson, GAAvis Jones-DeWeever, PhD, VAJerry Jordan, PAPat Jordon, NYCarol Joyner, DCRev. Jess Kast, NYSuzanne Kay, NYIllai Kenney,  DCHon. Patty Kim, PAAdrienne King, MDNsombi Lambright, MSRev. E. Terri LaVelle, DCDebra L. Lee, CARev. Tony Lee, MDKimberly Jefferies Leonard, VA Bertha Lewis, NYThe Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis, NYDr. Luella Toni Lewis,  MD, NYNakisha M. Lewis, DCSharon Y. Lopez, NYJeanine Liburd, NYCharlene Butts Ligon, NEStaci Lowry, MIStacy Lynch, NYRev. Leslie M. Watson Malachi, DCDr. Julianne Malveaux, DCAnita Madison, OHPaula Madison, CATamika Mallory, NYDee Marshall, NJFlo McAfee, DCCecelia McCall, NYGwen McCall, MDRev. Michael McBride, CARev. Terrance M. McKinley, DCDr. Carol McIntosh, VARev. Terrance McKinney, MDHon. Joanna McClinton, PARev. Kimberly McNair, NYPamela J. Meanes, Esq., MOAlbert G. Miller, PhD, OHBrenda Grier Miller, OHIsoke Miller, NYRev. Marlon Millner, ILShireen Mitchell, DCBishop W. Darin Moore, DCRev. Donald Moore, PARev. Dr. Judith C. Moore, PAMinyon Moore, DCMarc Morial, NJDonna Morris, NYHasna Muhammad, Ed.DMaritza Myers, NYDr. Stephanie E. Myers, DCAsata N'gonzi, NYJacqueline LaRue Parker, MDKimberly Peeler-Allen, NYKaren Carter Peterson, LARev. Francine Pearce, GABarbara Perkins, CAJoia Crear Perry, MD, DCJessica Pinckney, MDKarla Porch, GAAngela Powell, MIDiane Powell, PALinda Powell, NYHon. Chris Rabb, PASheryl Lee Ralph, CATameka M. Ramsey, MIRev. Dr. Ella Redfield, MDDeidra Reese, OHBishop Frank Reid, MDRené Redwood, DCRev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, MDEthel Richardson, PARev. Deneen Robinson, TXTomicka Robinson, MIDr. Claudette Rodney, VAYvonne Briggs Rubie, NYDavida Russell, OHAngela T. Rye, WAGloria De Los Santon, NCDelisa Saunders, PhD, VACarlottia Scott, SCDeborah Scott, GAElsie Scott, PhD, DCKimberly Selden, NYIlyasah Shabazz, NYLottie Shackelford, ARRev. Al Sharpton, NYDominique Sharpton-Bright, NYKimberly Selden, NYDana Vickers Shelley, MDAngela Shute-Woodson, OHShirley Sherrod, GARev. Emma Jordan Simpson, NYRev. Gary V. Simpson, NYRev. Elaine Solomon, PARev. Dale B. Snyder, Sr.Rev. Ederidge Spearman, MDChyann Starks, NYCharles Etta T. Sutton, NJKeisha Sutton-James, NYBishop Talbert T. Swan, II, MASusan L. Taylor, NYPierrette “Petee” Talley, OHJonathan M. Tennial, ILMakani Themba, MSDeborah Thomas, ALDebra Thompson. FLRev. Felicia Y. Thomas, MDRev. Robert H. Thompson, NHKellie Todd Griffin, CAJennifer Tucker, DCEboni Marshall Turman, PhD, NYYvette Moore Turner, NYCheryl Tyler-Folsom, OHTonya Tyson, MDContessa Washington, MIRev. Renaldo Watkins, NYKaren Watson, NYRev. Kris E. Watson, Esq., NYRandi Weingarten, NYCassandra Overton Welchlin, MSShirley J. Wilcher, MDRev. Dr. Barbara Wilson, DCRev. Dr. Ruby M. Wilson, NYElandria Williams, TNJanie Williams, NYRobin Williams, MDDr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, MDDr. LaVerne Wilson-McLaughlin, MDAngela Wilson-Turnbull, VARev. Mark Tyler, PADr. Eunita Winkey, MDNicole Whitlow-Banks, MIChris Woods, PAJuanita Wright, CARev. Dr. S. Todd Yeary, MDTurquoise Young, NY  

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