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Our Mission “Reaching Children – Changing Lives One Pair At a Time™”  is to provide school supplies, back packs and footwear to Children in Need.  The footwear serves 3 main purposes:

1) Higher Self Esteem
- Heightened Self-Esteem. Many children do not have adequate or proper footwear to wear to school every day.  They are being teased and taunted by their peers because their shoes are too small or worn and many of them never had new shoes;

2)  Lower Childhood Disease and
Obesity;  and Physical fitness - Numerous studies suggest that by being more active and fit it would drastically cut down on childhood obesity and diseases such as the rampant juvenile diabetes.

3)  Increased Academics
-  Increased learning ability - as recent research is showing a link between fitness and academics is growing.  The California Department of Education (CDE) looked for a correlation between fitness scores and test scores.  They found that kids who were deemed fit (by a standard test of aerobic capacity, BMI etc,) scored twice as well on academic tests as those that were unfit. 

Goal For Getting Fit - Get a Good Pair of Athletic Shoes from Shoes4School and as Katie Couric Says in the News Clip Below "Just Get In The Game!"

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