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 Shakti Vahini promotes and defends the rights of people through : 

1. CAMPAIGNS to promote awareness and sensitization among Communities, Govt. Officials/ Administration, Judiciary and Advocates, Youths/Students , Peoples Representatives.

2. PUBLIC ACTION & EFFECTIVE INTERVENTIONS to secure and defend the Rights of individuals and communities through Activism ,Mass mobilization Media Reporting and events Legal Aid & Action Effective Interventions through administrative instruments Financial, infrastructure and moral- Support & Assistance

3. CAPACITY BUIDING through Training and workshops, Leadership Creation

 4. ADVOCACY through alliance building & network formation, Creation of Youth Volunteers & promotion of Voluntary Action , Media advocacy , Lobbying for Policy Decisions , Influencing for law formation and amendments

5. RESEARCH & DOCUMENTATION through Studies, Research, Analysis and Reports of the situation and facts , Guidance, support and assistance for research and documentation.

Shakti Vahini is a fructification of youth creative energy, in a channeled and organized form, motivated through social activism. Shakti Vahini firmly believes in volunteerism and puts its’ unflickering faith in Youths, in defending and promoting Human Rights of the citizens and in playing an important and positive role in the process of development. Starting from 1999 it has grown and matured in to a well structured and professionally managed social organisation partnering with various statutory bodies, government ministries, corporate bodies and international agencies. Along with geographical and structural expansion, it has also been ever expanding its horizon of initiatives and range of interventions. Through its several local units and socially committed volunteers. Shakti Vahini is effectively active in field of Human Rights, Women and Child issues, Anti Trafficking, Child Labour , Bonded labour, Health, HIV/AIDS, Education, Legal Aid and training, Research & Documentation, Volunteerism, Community development etc. 

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