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Petitioning Honorable Judge Ashley Kilbane, John A. Rothschild Jr.

SOS: Save Our Square

The iconic and historic Shaker Square shopping district is in deep financial distress. The former owner, Peter Rubin, who is in debt to the bank holding company Wilmington Trust N.A. for $11 million, recently turned the property over to a court-ordered receiver. The receiver, John Rothschild Jr., is handling the day-to-day operations of the Square for the time being. However, if an individual or entity with the funds to purchase the Square makes a bid, it could be sold to them, regardless of their understanding of the property or commitment to the community. Other cases from nearby communities demonstrate how the wrong buyer for such a central community asset can create lasting harm. In Cleveland Heights, Severance Town Center was in a similar position and was turned over to a buyer who knew nothing about Cleveland Heights. Within a short period of time, much of Severance’s value was destroyed through neglect and lack of investment. Simple interventions by the City of Cleveland Heights could have made a big difference for this important property. The failure of Cleveland Heights to make a direct intervention must not be repeated with Shaker Square. This petition voices our concerns to the Honorable Judge Ashley Kilbane, who has the ultimate authority to award the property to an eligible buyer, and the current receiver, John A. Rothschild Jr., who has the ability to make recommendations. We call on these authorities to only award the sale to a buyer with the knowledge, experience, and commitment necessary to overcome the challenges facing Shaker Square and ensure a thriving future for this unique community asset. Knowledge of the past financial difficulties that have faced the Square and the demonstrated ability to restore this valuable Cleveland treasure must be essential qualifications. Through this petition, we are reaching out to individuals and community groups served by Shaker Square. We need your signature now to let the authorities with the power to sell this property know that you and your neighbors care about the future of Shaker Square.   (Photo from Aerial Agents, 2018)

Shaker Square Alliance
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Petitioning Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Kenneth L. Johnson, Blaine A. Griffin, Jeffrey Johnson, Tania Menesse, Ayonna Blue Donald, Joy Johnson

Open the Sidewalk and Remove Blight at 13000 Buckeye

We the undersigned residents, businesses, and concerned parties seek the immediate correction of hazardous conditions and long-term CONDEMNATION of the multi-unit apartment building located at 13000 Buckeye Road. We appeal to the enforcement authorities of the City of Cleveland and the judicial authority of the Cleveland Municipal Housing Court to vigorously prosecute the case against GIG 6, LLC, owner of 13000 Buckeye Road. Since its condemnation in 2013, 13000 Buckeye Road has had four different individual or corporate owners. Every owner has received violation notices. However, only once has an owner been found guilty of failing to act responsibly when Green Apple Supplies was fined $25,000. When heavy pieces of masonry began falling from the building in February 2019 additional orders were issued. It is nearly 15 months since the property was cited; yet, in June 2020 no party has been ordered to abate the hazard. Construction fencing blocks off the sidewalks, forcing pedestrians, frequently children, to walk in the street or dangerously close to the falling debris. This dangerous blight cannot continue to be permitted to threaten the safety of the community and drain the vitality out of this important commercial center. All around 13000 Buckeye properties are new or substantially improved. They are vibrant, safe, and well maintained. For seven years this condemned property has been a determent to the community. Out of respect for the Buckeye community and the investment of other property owners, we respectfully urge all necessary action be taken, now. For more information on the history and context of this issue, visit our website:  ---------- Jay Westbrook, Convener of the E. 130th St. Working Group Julie Donaldson, Outreach Director of the E. 130th St. Working Group Charles Bromley, Director of the Shaker Square Alliance Catherine Chervenak, Manager of the Online Petition

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