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Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault is a group of current and former Arizona State University students, staff, and faculty, committed to ending sexual violence on an off campus. We expose coverup and provide a platform for victims to tell their stories. ASU has been under federal investigation and sued multiple times for protecting rapists, and made national news for protecting faculty predators in 2014. SDASA connects victims and allies with resources and options. We try to help ASU implement policies and practices that validate victims’ experiences and more proactively combat cultures of sexual violence on campus.

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Petitioning Arizona State University

Support Alayna & other ASU rape victims

Form: Tell ASU administrators why we need a rape crisis center! When Arizona State University undergraduate Alayna reported being sexually assaulted on campus in February, ASU police delayed her rape kit, gaslit and silenced her, and administrators refused to stop harassing her when she requested they communicate through her lawyer while she recovered from COVID-19. Alayna was not expecting so many people to watch and share her videos when she posted about her experience on Instagram. She is grateful for the support and passionate about making sure other victims don’t go through what she went through, so she’s using her platform to advocate for rape crisis services ASU is lacking. ASU currently has no rape crisis center, no women’s center, and no rape crisis advocates not housed within the ASU Police Department. If Alayna had an actual rape crisis advocate instead of the ASU Police victim advocate, her experience reporting might not have been so devastating. In addition to reimbursement for therapy and legal costs, Alayna is demanding that ASU invest in a rape crisis center and full time rape crisis advocates. Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault has been advocating for rape crisis services for the past few years. Join Alayna and SDASA in demanding Arizona State University: Create a rape crisis center as proposed by Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault and the ASU Women's Coalition, including hiring full time rape crisis advocates that are not part of ASUPD. Reimburse Alayna for the cost of specialized trauma therapy. Reimburse Alayna for legal fees incurred defending herself against ASUPD and the ASU administration’s emotional abuse.    

Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault
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Petitioning Truckee Meadows Community College, The GEO Group

Fire Joel Hunter for sexually harassing students

Joel Hunter was fired from Arizona State University in 2014 for taking sexual advantage of an underage student whom he provided alcohol. When his victim filed a complaint and shared her story, more victims came forward with similar stories of grooming and sexual harassment by Hunter, who is prone to sending sexually explicit emails and text messages to and about his students.  News outlets Fox 10, Phoenix New Times, and The State Press (2) covered Hunter's behavior and termination, featuring his name, photo, and an anonymous interview with one of his victims. In spite of a public history of sexual misconduct, Hunter was hired by two Maricopa Community Colleges, Truckee Meadows Community College, and the GEO Group, Inc. This is incredibly dangerous considering Hunter's demonstrated pattern of exploiting his power as teacher to sexually harass and abuse students.  When colleges hire professors with histories of sexual misconduct, it is no different from when high schools and churches “pass the trash” and hire teachers and priests accused of sexual abuse at previous institutions.  Maricopa Community Colleges has removed Hunter from teaching positions at South Mountain and Estella Mountain Community Colleges in light of our petition, and we hope Truckee Meadows and the GEO Group will make the same decision to protect their students. Read more:  TMCC professor was fired from Arizona State University after misconduct allegations – Reno Gazette Journal This is how professors accused of sexual misconduct go back to teaching –

Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault
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Petitioning Arizona State University, Michael Crow, ASU Faculty Senate

Fire Lawrence Krauss for decades of sexual misconduct

Lawrence Krauss announced his retirement October 21, 2018. He is on paid leave until May 2019.  On July 31, 2018 an Arizona State University investigation concluded that professor Lawrence Krauss violated ASU's sexual harassment policy when he groped a woman at a conference.  Krauss has been accused of verbally and physically sexually harassing undergraduate students and colleagues at ASU and other institutions for over a decade, according to Buzzfeed News. ASU hired Dr. Krauss in 2008 after he was banned from his previous institution for sexually harassing an undergraduate student. It is difficult to believe ASU was unaware of his history when they hired him, especially given ASU's tendency to protect professors who sexually harass students (read more).  In response to media attention, ASU opened a new investigation of Krauss in March and concluded in August that he had violated the sexual harassment policy. More than 50 witnesses and victims have spoken to media, and peer institutions have barred Dr. Krauss from their campuses; if Dr. Krauss is a danger to students at Case Western and other institutions that have placed him on a "do-not-invite list," he is a danger to the ASU community. We call upon Arizona State University Faculty Senate to fire and permanently ban Lawrence Krauss from campus to protect the ASU community.

Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault
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Petitioning James Rund, Michael Crow

Expel rapist permanently, not 2 years

Earlier this year, Arizona State University undergraduate Brooke Lewis was violently raped on campus by a graduate student. ASU expelled him, but an appeal board is arguing that while "sexual misconduct is an egregious offense... the sanction of expulsion is too severe" because "he is an essential member of one of ASU’s research teams."  Update: After 14k signatures and negative media attention, ASU SVP Rund decided to uphold the expulsion of Brooke’s rapist. He has until January 8, 2018 to appeal. This petition will remain active until Brooke’s rapist can no longer appeal his expulsion.  Allowing students to return to campus after violating the sexual misconduct policy not only puts the ASU community in danger, but sends a clear message to all sexual predators at ASU that even if they are found guilty, they will face little to no consequences.  Read more about Brooke's story here. Donate to Brooke's GoFundMe. University Hearing Board Recommendation,November 20, 2017: "The Board finds the Respondent in violation of sexual misconduct. While all members agree that sexual misconduct is an egregious offense, the majority believes that the sanction of expulsion is too severe. ...He is a significant member of the ASU community. He carries a 3.9 grade point average and is considered an essential member of one of ASU’s research teams. As an alternative sanction, the majority proposes a two-year suspension and completion of a course on sexual misconduct awareness."

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