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Mission Statement is a non-profit animal welfare organization whose mission is to end the live dog and cat meat trade worldwide. Our goal is to create awareness about this inhumane industry and the ongoing suffering it inflicts upon millions of companion animals each year. Founded in 2013, is comprised of a passionate group of animal lovers throughout the world, linked together by our love and respect for animals and our desire to help those in need. We believe that dogs and cats were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago to be our companions, not our food. Therefore, we do not support eating dogs or cats under any circumstances. founders have decades of experience fighting this inhumane industry and have worked hard to achieve unprecedented access into areas of the trade not readily accessible to most outsiders. Our investigative work allows us to gather current, accurate and up-to-date information and images, evidence that is paramount in spreading global awareness and pressuring governmental organizations to enact enforceable animal welfare laws that protect companion animals. Ultimately, our intention is to help create meaningful social and governmental change that results in a more humane world for dogs and cats. is determined to expose the cruel and ruthless activities within the dog and cat meat trade that are perpetrated by dog farmers, cat farmers, animal traffickers, butchers, vendors and dog and cat eating customers. This is a billion dollar industry centered on live companion animals being tortured, killed and served as menu items. It is a gruesome, violent trade that must be halted. aggressively opposes legislation that promotes or legalizes companion animal slaughter. We do not believe in the myth of “humane meat,” reject the concept of “humane slaughter” and strongly believe that dog and cat butchers cannot be relied upon to implement “humane” practices. We also oppose dog farmers, cat farmers, slaughter unions, individual farmers or any persons being permitted to “farm” small numbers of dogs and/or cats for personal consumption. In addition, we are against dog and cat elixirs and tonics, despite (unproven) claims of their health benefits. Through our educational efforts, hopes to enlighten the global public about the miserable lives farmed companion animals face and how this trade impacts dogs and cats throughout the world. Education will also be provided for those wishing to adopt rescued animals from the live meat trade. These animals have been through varying degrees of trauma, so guidance is needed in ensuring adoptive families understand the process of restoring their new pet’s health, happiness and wellbeing. In addition, will provide education for people in dog and cat eating countries who wish to learn about responsible pet ownership and providing safe, long-term environments for dogs and cats as loved family members. Once commences fundraising, our efforts will include rehoming rescued dogs and cats from the live meat trade. All fundraising will be conducted with full transparency and information pertaining to our monetary activities will be made readily available. Participating in campaigns and signing our petitions supports our work to bring change for a better world for dogs and cats victimized by this trade. We invite you to join our fight to halt the live dog and cat meat trade and Say No To Dog Meat! For further information please email or contact the organisation.

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