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    Say no to Cox Chevrolet in our Backyards, Welcome Businesses that fit Comprehensive Plan

    The residents of East Manatee County would like to respectfully oppose the proposed building of the Cox Chevrolet Dealership on 18 acres at the intersection of 117th Street East and SR 64. As residents of the surrounding housing developments we feel this auto dealership is not compatible with the existing residential developments as approved by the Manatee County Comprehensive Plan. We as residents are not opposed to commercial development of said property but feel this particular development would be detrimental to the surrounding developments due to: Surrounding residential areas of the proposed site are already experiencing significant amounts of standing water and flooding. Removing 18 acres of natural land that absorbs rain/runoff water would make this issue much worse. Continued construction in Osprey Landing and the clearing of the proposed Cox site has resulted in worsening conditions in Osprey Landing and the residences directly west of the proposed Cox Site.  Surrounding communities are not in flood zones at this point. However, there is the distinct possibility of FEMA redrawing flood zones which would result in the mandatory purchase of flood insurance.   The proposed site plan as presented to resident by ZNS Engineering shows one entrance to the proposed dealership on SR 64 and one on 117th Street east. Unless the car carriers are coming from the east on SR 64, the only way to deliver vehicles would be to PARK ON 117th. This is a 2 lane road. Traffic is controlled by a stop sign. Parking on this road will impede access to emergency vehicles AND the residents of Osprey Landing. If the car carriers deliver from the West, there are no intersections suitable for a vehicle of this size to make a UTURN. Either option is COMPLETELY unacceptable to residents in surrounding residential communities.   The overall pollution this proposed dealership would bring is unacceptable. Noise, light, air, and traffic are just a few of the many environmental issues that surrounding neighborhoods would be subjected to.   The immediate area surrounding the proposed Cox dealership is almost exclusively residential. We do not want the streets we walk, bike, and run with our children to become test patterns for new vehicle purchasers.   This proposed dealership is not COMPATIBLE WITH EXISTING DEVELOPMENT as approved by Manatee County as per Manatee County Policy . We do not need a business backing up into our backyards that will be open nights, weekends and holidays. Our residents will not use this dealership on a consistent basis, if at ALL. We did not purchase our homes anticipating that anything like this would ever show up in our back yard. We ask that you refer to the Master Plan as written by Manatee County and consider our concerns accordingly.

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