Save Charity Hospital

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Save Charity Hospital is dedicated to the gutting, rebuilding and reopening of Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

Five years after Katrina, New Orleans continues to suffer without a major hospital to serve its citizens. While there is currently enough money to gut and rebuild Charity Hospital from top to bottom, Mayor Landrieu is allowing a flawed and expensive plan move forward that would abandon Charity, destroy 70 acres of an historic neighborhood for a new medical complex, and waste years and hundreds of millions of dollars.

We support saving Charity Hospital because:

Rebuilding Charity Hospital is less expensive. A study by the renowned architecture firm RMJM Hillier found that rebuilding Charity would be at least $283 million than the current plan.

Rebuilding Charity Hospital is less destructive. By rebuilding Charity Hospital we can spare 70 acres of the historic Lower Mid-City neighborhood that would be seized and demolished by the current plan.

Rebuilding Charity Hospital is faster. With the money and plan to rebuild Charity Hospital available today, New Orleans has the opportunity to return quality healthcare to its citizens years faster than the current plan.


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