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    Stop Persecuting Believers

    To President Trump, Members of the Cabinet and Members of Congress:By some estimates, 300 million Christians are being persecuted around the world today, as are many of other faiths. Worse yet, these crimes against humanity are continuing to increase.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is to be commended for convening a Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom to raise awareness about this global crisis and to rally other nations to address it.If we are serious about advancing religious liberty, though, tangible actions are required. For example, the United States must take the lead in holding the persecutors accountable and creating real costs for their criminal mistreatment of people of faith.  In addition, those who enable such persecutors – notably, by lobbying on their behalf or otherwise legitimating them – must also be held accountable. We call upon firms like Squire Patton Boggs, which lobbies on behalf of the People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Cameroon and the Palestinian Authority – all regimes that are state-sponsors of persecution – to cease such representation. And, we urge members of the executive and legislative branches to decline to meet or do business with those who engage in such lobbying on behalf of persecutors.

    Save the Persecuted Christians
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