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We again ask for your help as we resume our campaign to support ongoing legal action and public outreach. STA suspended fundraising when the Attorney General stepped in to pause the sale and investigate. STA endorsed that process, but not the outcome: the proposed settlement allows for the sale of Rockwell’s “Shuffleton’s Barbershop” to a public, but unnamed institution for an undisclosed amount, and permits the unrestricted sale of the 39 other works of art given to the people of Berkshire County. These 40 works represent 85% of the value of the museum’s auctionable assets. The proposed agreement between the Attorney General and the museum has already been submitted to the Supreme Judicial Court. There are at least two amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs being filed in response. The purpose of the amicus curiae briefs is to inform the judge that the compromise fails to protect the cultural legacy of the Berkshires, and by extension, all museum collections, among other issues. Your donations make a statement that the public trust must be upheld. Information about hearing dates, legal filings and decisions will be kept current on our website and Facebook page. Our public outreach continues. STA appreciates your help with ongoing costs that include our website and email list maintenance, graphic design and production, writing and dissemination of press releases, ads, and public statements, and organizing public events. We are grateful for your generous support! FURTHER INFORMATION: Separate from the preparation of the amicus briefs, there is an active appeal awaiting a hearing date that asserts the right of museum members to protest the sale of this art. STA will continue to contribute to the funding of this effort as well.

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