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The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is non-party political community based campaign whose aim is to save and protect Lewisham Hospital.

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Petitioning Damian Egan

Stop government cuts to our public health services! Enough is enough!

The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign asks Lewisham Council and Mayor Damien Egan to: Reconsider cuts to public health services caused by government by using reserves to stave off the impact on services which affect the most vulnerable, especially young children and mothers. Oppose government public health budget cuts and join other councils, the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and other campaigners to lead a campaign against these savage attacks.  We need to see action being taken now, in unity with health campaigns and councils. If you feel the same way as us, sign this petition. This is a health emergency that cannot be ignored. Cuts to the NHS In 2013 the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign saved Lewisham Hospital from closure by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. But our fight has had to continue. Since 2010 the government has been systematically underfunding the NHS budget - by 30% up to 2020 - and just as systematically lying about it. This is impacting all areas of the NHS nationally and in Lewisham – from the hospital, to GPs, community and public health services. At the same time, government cuts have been made to hospitals, social care, education and housing, services for the disabled, all alongside savage benefit cuts. Inequality keeps rising, our health is getting worse and still the cuts keep coming. Planned cuts to public health services The government has cut the public health budget by 15% since 2015 in real terms. And there are more cuts to come – nearly 4% per year up to 2020. There have also been devastating cuts to government funding of Councils of well over 50%. Because of this, services in Lewisham are nearly at breaking-point and Lewisham is threatened with losing valuable, life-saving services. The Council is currently consulting on plans to cut £640 000 from vital public health services in our borough, because of cuts demanded by Teresa May's government. Public health includes a range of health professionals and services who keep us healthy in many ways. Since 2015 these have included Health Visitors and School Nurses, who play a vital role in protecting and safeguarding the health of babies, children and mothers. In 2016 only one year after being transferred from the NHS to the Council, school nurses were cut by 41% and Health Visitors by 16.8%. Now the Council is proposing a further cut to Health Visitors, when caseloads are already twice the recommended level We say to the Council please reconsider and campaign against government cuts to public health and to campaign against them with us, other health campaigns and Councils. Proposed cuts include: £196,306 (2.6%) cut to the Health Visiting service. This funds NHS staff who provide care to children under 5 and their families.  £127 000 (3%) cut to substance misuse services. £10 000 (5.8%) cut for the Community Nutrition and Physical activity service. £10 000 (10%) cut to Neighbourhood community development partners. £192 294 cut to the sexual health services contract. £106 400 which they claim has already been saved in staffing and commissioning arrangements. Read more here: Read our guide to responding to the Council’s consultation here Public health emergency We say that these cuts to public health budgets are short-sighted and will only create greater costs to us all in the future. We appreciate that many local politicians, including the Mayor, have met with our campaign and share our concerns. Now we want action to be taken to protect the people of Lewisham from the loss of important staff that these cuts will demand.  If you feel the same way as us, sign this petition This is a health emergency that cannot be ignored. We all have to speak out. We all must act now. Enough is enough.  

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
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Petitioning Steve Bullock

Do not make dangerous cuts to Children's NHS mental health services in Lewisham!

Lewisham Council is planning to cut children’s mental health (CAMHS) funding by £150,000 over the next 2 years.  This follows a £94,000 cut last year and is on top of NHS efficiency savings demanded by the government.  The proposed cut will happen at a time when we are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis in the NHS- caused by seven years of inadequate health and social care funding by the Conservative and coalition governments.  Lewisham council have been forced to cut £153 million from their total budget, with more cuts to come. The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign, together with staff, patients and their parents, believe the current situation cannot continue - more money is desperately needed, not less! At least 3 jobs will be lost, on top of 2 jobs that were lost last year. This equates to hundreds of appointments a year disappearing. Waiting lists, already too long, will get longer. Clinicians will be forced to make impossible decisions about which cases are less serious, which children will have to wait longest and who will not get the best care. More children will go to A&E if these cuts happen.  When young people are in crisis, they often attend A&E because community services are overstretched.  This is distressing for them, it is not the suitable environment and it adds pressure to the hospitals.  We believe that every mental health problem has the potential to become critical if untreated - especially for children and young people.  Lewisham has a number of risk factors that mean our young people’s mental health is worse than average. We cannot afford to increase this risk by increasing the number of children not receiving adequate help in the community. Young people are almost powerless in conventional political processes because of their age- even more so if they have a mental health diagnosis.  If adults in Lewisham, alongside Lewisham council, do not stand up for them, then who will? We all have to speak out.  Enough is enough. As well as signing and sharing this petition you can help by: Joining us to lobby the council -  Wednesday, 17th January at 6.45pm Coming to our public meeting on Tuesday, 6th February @ 7.30pm @ New Cross Learning Attending a protest outside the council meeting on 21st February which will have the final power to ratify the proposed cuts. Follow us on twitter, Facebook and see our website to keep up to date:

Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign
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