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Allocate funds for the Northside library

Governor Jerry Brown, The State Dept. of Finance, the County of Santa Clara:  Save our Northside Santa Clara City Library The State of CA and County of Santa Clara have forced the City of Santa Clara to halt the Northside library project. The redevelopment ( RDA) funds pledged to this project are under siege and the State Governor and Department of Finance is expect to demand the return of these funds, possibly halting this library permanently. Even though the City of Santa Clara recognized the great need for a library in this high growth area north of Highway 101  And even though the City of Santa Clara committed to build the library decades ago, setting aside redevelopment funds to do so. And even though the the building is now 99% complete, and the community expects the new Northside Branch to open in December 2013 The State of CA and Santa Clara County want the funds to go to them and not to the Northside Library. Consequently the County of Santa Clara has issues a temporary restarting order and the City of Santa Clara has notified the Library Foundation & Friends to immediately halt the project. Don't let the local RDA Successor Agency nor the State Finance Director and Governor stop this plan to complete the Library this year! Tell State & County Government that the commitment and spending of this money was pledged years before their request. Tell State & County Government you expect their LEADERSHIP not finger pointing, and want them to work together to get the library opened.

Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends
1,206 supporters