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Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is a network of organizers and activists working to build solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for freedom. Samidoun developed out of the September-October 2011 hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, seeing a need for a dedicated network to support Palestinian prisoners. We work to raise awareness and provide resources about Palestinian political prisoners, their conditions, their demands, and their work for freedom for themselves, their fellow prisoners, and their homeland. We also work to organize campaigns to make political change and advocate for Palestinian prisoners’ rights and freedoms.

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Petitioning Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Amnesty International, International Committee of the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch

Free Khalida Jarrar Immediately

Instead of surrendering to the belief that revolutionary leader and former Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar will be denied the right to bury her daughter Suha, whose death was announced this evening, let us work locally and internationally to form the necessary pressure that will make it possible. Khalida is a Palestinian political prisoner, who was arrested for her national political activism. She has the right to participate in her daughter's funeral. Khalida has been incarcerated for nearly two years and is due for release within two months. She has been arrested by the Israeli regime on many occasions, during which time she has been subjected to various forms of abuse and persecution. The Israeli regime’s prison administration should release Khalida as soon as possible so that she can bury and mourn her daughter and exercise her most fundamental human rights. Freedom for Khalida Jarrar إطلاق حملة #الحرية_لخالدة_جرار محلياً ودولياً بدلاً من أن نسلّم بأن المناضلة القيادية عضو المجلس التشريعي سابقاً خالدة جرار لن تودّع ابنتها سهى، والتي أعلن عن وفاتها مساء اليوم، وإذ تقبع جرار في سجون الاحتلال منذ ما يقارب عامين، ومن المفترض أن تنهي حكمها خلال شهرين، لنعمل محلياً ودولياً لتشكيل الضغط اللازم على إدارة سجون الاحتلال لتطلق سراح جرار في أقرب موعد حتى يتسنّى لها وداع ابنتها، وممارسة أبسط حقوقها الإنسانية.جرار مناضلة فلسطينية، معتقلة على خلفية نشاطها السياسي الوطني، اعتقلت لدى قوات الاحتلال عدة مرات وصدر بحقها أمر إبعاد وأوامر منع سفر، وتعرضت لأشكال مختلفة من التنكيل والاضطهاد بنّاءً على نشاطها السياسي ودورها الوطني.لخالدة الحق في أن تشارك في مراسم تشييع جثمان ابنتها.الحرية لخالدة جرار Liberté pour Khalida Jarrar Au lieu de nous rendre à l'évidence que la leader révolutionnaire et ancienne membre du Conseil législatif palestinien Khalida Jarrar se verra refuser le droit d'enterrer sa fille Suha, dont la mort a été annoncée ce soir, travaillons localement et internationalement pour créer la pression nécessaire qui rendra cela possible. Khalida est une prisonnière politique palestinienne, qui a été arrêtée pour son militantisme politique national. Elle a le droit de participer aux funérailles de sa fille. Khalida est incarcérée depuis près de deux ans et doit être libérée d'ici deux mois. Elle a été arrêtée par le régime israélien à de nombreuses reprises et a subi diverses formes d'abus et de persécutions. L'administration pénitentiaire du régime israélien doit libérer Khalida dès que possible afin qu'elle puisse enterrer et pleurer sa fille et exercer ses droits humains les plus fondamentaux. Liberté pour Khalida Jarrar ! En lugar de aceptar el hecho de que a la líder revolucionaria y ex miembro del Consejo Legislativo Palestino Khalida Jarrar se le negará el derecho a enterrar a su hija Suha, cuya muerte fue anunciada esta noche, trabajemos local e internacionalmente para formar la presión necesaria que lo haga. posible. Khalida ha estado encarcelado durante casi dos años y será liberado dentro de dos meses. La administración penitenciaria del régimen israelí debe poner en libertad a Khalida lo antes posible para que pueda enterrar y llorar a su hija y ejercer sus derechos humanos más fundamentales. Khalida es una prisionera política palestina, que fue arrestada por su activismo político nacional. Tiene derecho a participar en el funeral de su hija.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
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Petitioning Mahmoud Abbas

Lift the sanctions on Gaza and end repression in the West Bank

PA security forces attacked Palestinian protesters marching in Ramallah on Wednesday, 13 June, as they demanded an end to the PA’s sanctions imposed on Gaza. The Ramallah Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas has imposed a series of sanctions on Palestinians in Gaza, including cuts to PA public employees’ salaries, delays of medical transfers, restrictions on remittances and refusal to pay electricity bills. These sanctions have worked in tandem with the siege on Gaza imposed by Israel with the cooperation and complicity of Arab regimes, including Egypt, as well as the United States and the European Union. Palestinians launched their campaign to end the sanctions and stand together with their fellow Palestinians in Gaza with a march of over 1500 in Ramallah on 10 June, after over 130 Palestinians in Gaza were killed by Israeli occupation forces as they participated in the Great Return March. The Great Return March is an ongoing popular demonstration demanding Palestinian refugees’ right to return, denied them for over 70 years, and an end to the siege on Gaza. These popular protests have been met with extreme violence and brutality by Israeli forces, who have killed children, paramedics and journalists as they covered the peaceful demonstrations. Amid these struggles in Gaza and the devastating Israeli siege, PA sanctions have operated to intensify poverty,  unemployment and lack of basic services such as electricity.

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
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