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Saving Romanian street dogs. We rescue, sterilize, rehabilitate and rehome hundred of street dogs every year.We built 2 private rescue centers where we provide quality care for dogs collected from streets. Visit to adopt a distance a rescue dog from Romania. Without you, he will be killed soon. You are one of his last hopes.

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Petitioning Mr. Lakshmi Mittal, ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, ArcelorMittal London

Do not let 200 dogs starve to death

630 innocent dogs are in danger! Mr. Mittal, your dogs need your help!We are prohibited from informing freely about this situation, pending legal actions taken against the steel plant, but you, Sir know the truth. Please send a team to investigate the situation in Galati. The steel plant refuses to undertake the full legal obligations and responsibilities for the dogs and this project. The current contract leaves our shelter and dogs without the necessary financial support, promised facilities, investments and services. Worst, the steel plant refused to provide the food (and other related costs) for 200 of the 630 dogs! These dogs are in imminent danger and this irresponsibly attitude from the steel plant management can’t be tolerated! With the financial support from the steel plant, ROLDA has managed to reduce the stray dog population at the steel plant premises with 70%. This has been accomplished through sterilization and adoption programs. ROLDA’s large shelter has been housing the dogs collected at the steel plant’s premises for over 8 year. To recognize ROLDA’s work, in October 2014, the steel plant management wrote a letter of recommendation with the promise of future investments! Our supporters have invested time and money into this project, they believed that the steel plant would honor their promises. This has not been an easy job for ROLDA, considering that after 8 years of collaboration, the shelter and its infrastructure are still incomplete. Promised investments have been cancelled, 630 dogs’ future is at stake. The steel plant management has not reacted to the documented information regarding their employee’s misconduct and mistakes. We have no other choice than to seek the help from our supporters and to take legal actions to secure the future of the dogs. What will happen to the 1.500 dogs living at the steel plant premises, will they end up in public shelter in Galati? There is no safe future and these dogs are in danger of getting hurt or starve to death. The steel plant’s internal rules forbid the employees to feed the dogs! We do need to worry, before our collaboration started in 2007, many dogs were accidentally poisoned. Mr. Mittal: do not let 630 innocent dogs suffer because of people’s wrongdoing and mistakes!

3,501 supporters