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Rewiring America is a growing nonprofit, working to launch a movement that electrifies everything, starting with our 121 million households. We aim to lower emissions, improve our health, lower bills, and create jobs.

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Support federal rebates to make clean, electric appliances affordable for every U​.​S. home

We need Congress to pass Senator Martin Heinrich’s (D-NM) Zero-Emission Homes Act of 2021, which provides consumer rebates so that every household in America, especially low- and moderate-income households, can afford to electrify their homes, saving money on their monthly energy bills while creating jobs in their communities, providing safer, healthier air, and reducing emissions.  Passing this legislation will give us a shot at meeting our national (and global) climate goals of keeping global warming under 1.5°C / 2.7°F. 42 percent of our energy-related emissions are related to decisions we make at our kitchen tables: what kind of cars we drive, and how we heat our homes, warm our water, cook our food and dry our clothes. The key is to replace existing “dirty” home appliances with superior modern electric versions running on clean electricity.  Not only can electric appliances dramatically lower emissions, but they are actually better products for most purposes. We estimate that at least eighty-five percent of U.S. homes -- 103 million households -- would save money -- $37.3 billion per year -- on their energy bills today through electrification if the upfront cost of purchasing and installing these appliances was the same as the types of systems they would replace. That is why these rebates are so important.  Millions of households would avoid the damaging health effects of burning fossil fuels in our homes -- such as higher rates of childhood asthma. For low- to moderate-income households whose communities have historically suffered from the burning of fossil fuels, systemic disinvestment, fluctuating fossil fuel prices, and job displacement, the opportunities from household electrification are especially important.  Moreover, these appliances all last for at least a decade, sometimes two or more. That means that every time an appliance breaks or reaches the end of its life, we have an opportunity to choose a clean, electric replacement. If we do, then our electrified households contribute to addressing climate change while delivering us a better quality of life. If we do not, then we lock in the fossil fuel emissions from our homes for another generation and miss out on the chance to lower our bills and protect our health. It all starts with federal rebates that make these clean, electric appliances affordable for every household. It is time to invest in our homes as part of addressing the climate crisis. They are the keystone of American infrastructure. Learn more about electrification, our analysis, and policy proposal, at

Rewiring America
780 supporters