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Refugee Action Coalition Sydney (RAC) was established in 1999 to campaign for the rights of refugees trying to seek asylum in Australia. We are an open grassroots coalition from a broad section of the community. RAC focuses on grassroots organising; distribution of information; educational forums; speakers; lobbying and organising demonstrations, rallies, marches and other actions.

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Petitioning Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, PM Malcolm Turnbull

Release Ali (21-yr-old Iranian, unjustly detained on Christmas Island)

Update: Ali ended his hunger strike on the morning of 30 Dec (see statement below) but demanding his release is as urgent ever. *** Ali Saadat was just 17 years old and full of hope when he arrived by boat in Australia in 2011. Now 21, Australia's immigration system has destroyed Ali's will to live.  On 18 December 2015, already 4 days into a hunger strike on Christmas Island he wrote on facebook: "This will result in either costing my life or getting my freedom. I don't want to be without freedom pray for me this is real i cant see light at the end of the tunnel." His condition is deteriorating. Although his claim for asylum was initially rejected, Ali was released into community detention, studied at Chatswood Intensive English Centre, and dreamed of becoming a landscaper. He converted to Christianity in December 2012. Yet in 2013, police found Ali on a train with alcohol. He was later fined $700 and given a nine months good behaviour bond. But in a punishment completely out of proportion to this misdemeanour, he's become a victim of the draconian ‘code of conduct’ rules used to re-detain scores of asylum seekers--even when charges have been dropped or dismissed.  Ali was initially re-detained in Villawood; he was then sent to Darwin in 2014 and was sent to the Christmas Island around 10 weeks ago. "Two years for two beers", as he told a refugee advocate who visited him in Darwin in July.  Requests by many Australian citizens and church congregations for Ministerial intervention, have fallen on deaf ears. Ali has been now been waiting months for the results of a departmental review of his case. Despite being involved in on-going legal matters (including a case about his Christianity) which are not due before the courts until mid-2016, the Immigration Department has refused to release Ali into the community on a bridging visa. Mr Dutton and Mr Turnbull: Intervene in Ali’s case and do the right and sensible thing. Being re-detained has not only robbed Ali of more than two years of his life; it has robbed him of hope and his mental health. His hungerstrike is a desperate plea for justice. Act now before it is too late. There have already been way too many deaths in detention.

Refugee Action Coalition
979 supporters