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Reform Immigration FOR America is a united national effort bringing together individuals and grassroots organizations with the mission to build widespread support for workable, humane, comprehensive immigration reform. Fixing our immigration system presents a daunting challenge, but action must be taken sooner rather than later. The time is NOW to do the right thing and fight for practical solutions that benefit ALL of us and are rooted in the restoration of the rule of law, earned citizenship, united families, and fair treatment of workers.

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Petitioning East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo

Tell Mayor Maturo: replace East Haven Chief of Police and send a clear message that racial profiling won't be tolerated

The FBI just arrested four East Haven, CT police officers for assaulting undocumented immigrants and making up false reports against Hispanics. The East Haven officers assaulted individuals while they were handcuffed, unlawfully searched Latino businesses, and harassed and intimidated individuals, including advocates, witnesses, and other officers who tried to investigate or report misconduct or abuse the officers committed. These continual and deliberate patterns of racial profiling did not go unnoticed by the FBI. The federal investigation found “life was made miserable for Hispanics” by these officers in East Haven. But instead of standing up for the Latino community in his city, East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo immediately came out in support of the police department. Then on a radio show, the Mayor was asked what he is going to do to help the Latino community in wake of this disgusting racial profiling tragedy. “I might have tacos when I go home, I’m not quite sure yet.” Even though he later said sorry, a politician's apology clearly isn't enough to make up for allowing institutionalized racism in a police force and city government. Tell Mayor Matruo: he needs to replace the East Haven Chief of Police and send a clear message that racial profiling won't be tolerated.

Reform Immigration FOR America
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