Coalition to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

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Tell Congress to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

  April 2015 marked the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, perpetrated by the Ottoman Turkish government and denied to this day by its successors. Genocide scholars consider the Armenian Genocide the template for all modern genocide.  (To learn more about the Armenian Genocide and its denial by the Turkish government, go to Myriad countries and international bodies have acknowledged this unresolved crime against humanity, as have 43 American state governments.  Yet each time Congress has considered affirming the Armenian Genocide, intense lobbying and threats by the Turkish government and its allies have killed proposed legislation. This multi-million dollar campaign of genocide denial perverts historical truth and corrupts our political process. Genocide denial – the last stage of genocide – threatens everyone.  It fuels current genocides and emboldens those who would commit future atrocities.  Stopping the cycle of genocide begins by speaking truthfully about past genocides. PLEASE CALL ON CONGRESS TO DEFEND HISTORICAL TRUTH AND UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS BY RECOGNIZING THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. * Photo: Kharpert, Historic Armenia, Ottoman Empire, 1915: Armenians, under the guard of armed Turkish soldiers, being taken to prison in nearby Mezireh, where they were tortured and killed.  (Photo courtesy of Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.)

Coalition to Recognize the Armenian Genocide
23,939 supporters